Update – Cordillera Golf Course Litigation

by Paul Drake

Is the Wilhelm Family Partnership guilty of “Contempt of Court”?

That’s what District Court Judge Fred Gannett wants to know – and has recently ruled/scheduled a hearing for (Monday, April 11th 2012) at 9:00 AM in his Courtroom to determine just that  (Click Here).

Named defendants in the Contempt of Court hearing are – WFP principals – David Wilhelm and son Patrick Wilhelm.

Contempt?  Earlier Judge Gannett issued a (TRO) Temporary Restraining Order against the WFP (Click Here) – that defined what Golf Course Membership dues collected in 2011 could be spent on.  Now a hearing is set to determine (among other things) if membership dues were used to pay a law firm (after the TRO was issued) to sue the Cordillera Transition Corporation and individual CTC members.

The “legal monkey” seems to be on the back of the WFP principals – since they will have to convince Judge Gannett of why they shouldn’t be held in Contempt at the scheduled April 11th hearing.


On or about January 16th, 2012 the WFP issued a settlement proposal to the opposing party (Golf Club Members).  These members insisted that settlement discussions are premature – on the grounds that the WFP has not responded in writing to the questions in the Interrogatories that were served to them.

Further…at an earlier date District Court Judge Fred Gannett elevated this case against the WFP to “class action status” (Click Here).

Also alleged in this case – is the financial due date (June 2012) for the WFP to pay back the entire ~$12.7 Million dollar loan the WFP has with local Alpine Bank.

It is not known at the ECT where the WFP is going to get ~$12.7 Million to pay off that loan – when the WFP has allegedly been using 2011 membership dues – to pay his lawyers legal fees.

Stay tuned.


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