Education Foundation of Eagle County

by – what we learned

Some ECT folks attended a recent meeting of one of Eagle County’s newest 501(c)3 non-profits – (Photo – Tessa Kirchner & Charles Overy)

The good news is they help raise private sector donations for the exclusive purpose of giving the tax deductible money they raise to Eagle County’s Public School system.  The ECT counted 16 folks at the Avon library meeting – 14 women (mostly moms) and 2 men.  No one from Eagle County’s growing/vibrant Hispanic community was there.

The ECT is happy to support EFEC in their private sector (donating) effort.  The group admitted to having raised somewhere around $10K since the groups inception.

At the meeting the term that was used repeatedly was “directed giving” – where by the principals at EFEC “earmark” the donated monies (read: eventually hand over to the School District) for specific items (possibly including teacher bonus/salaries?) for specific schools.  The details of their “directed giving” are still being worked out.  Concerns were raised about the Eagle County’s affluent east end being able to (out-donate?) the west end of Eagle County – then where/how to best spend those donations….

Admittedly, this is a tricky distribution task – even if your name is Robin Hood.

There is however a (dark-side?) to this group – that they are quite open about.

These folks, like other supporters of last November’s failed (3B) ballot issue – deeply desire to increase the permanent property tax lien – that exists today upon your Eagle County property.  That permanent tax lien against your property is reported each year on your Eagle County Property Tax bill as item “RE50J School District, 015-” Mill Levy (2012) set at 21.601 – an increase over the 2011 level – even though ballot issue (3B) failed!

Legally, this non-profit (EFEC) money can’t be used to influence voters – but these (very nice ladies/moms) most certainly can (and will the ECT was told) set up other legal groups (PAC’s?) for the exclusive purpose of permanently raising your property taxes.

“Eternal Vigilance” it seems to the ECT is the price of maintaining a reasonable level of property taxation.

For those wealthy (1 Percenters – the current Speech-Giver-In-Chief) keeps talking about – that are interested in donating some money to EFEC – can contact them at

The ECT recommends you start out with a reasonable level of donation – and let’s see how this new group works with the School Board  – for improving our Public School system.



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