Vail Resorts – Occupies Wall Street

by – I wanna be – 1 Percenter

Actually what Vail Resorts Occupied last Tuesday (24JAN2012) was a full-page Ad in the Wall Street Journal.

Never mind that the CEO of Vail Resorts is a big time democrat party contributor…

When it comes to the financial interests of his company – he’s obviously more than happy to place a full-page Ad – in a newspaper widely read (er…occupied?) by 1 Percenters all over the U.S. – the Wall Street Journal.

Historically speaking – when they asked John Dillinger “why he robs banks” he responded “because that’s where the money is!”

So it would seem with VR’s leadership – their (left-leaning, fair-share?) politics seem to take a back seat when it comes to the financial interests of their now (many+1) western Ski Resorts.  Gee….We need to advertise our recent big snowfall to the folks who have the money to come visit our western Ski Resorts…VR it seems happy to get “their fair share” of the 1 Percenters income…the ECT wonders – is that pre or post Taxable income?  Just where is Warren Buffet’s secretary when the ECT needs this explained?

Will Michelle Obama and daughters Occupy Vail again this year, after last years Presidents Day – ski vacation visit?  Or will she try to spread more of the Taxpayers $15 Trillion Federal Deficit around to Ski Resorts owned by someone other than Vail Resorts?  ECT doesn’t know.  We live in exciting times.

Hopefully she’ll have the good sense again to leave (what’s his name?) home like she did on her last Ski vacation to Vail.  He on the other hand seems more content to occupy a basketball court than a ski slope.  Fair enough for the ECT (photo credit above to Dominique Taylor)

In the meantime…the “supply-side” folks here at the ECT are happy to be part of the local tourist economy in Eagle County – and are happy to receive any ‘trickle down’ economic benefit that comes our way…even if it’s just 1 Percent – from a 1 Percenter.


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