4G Wireless service in Vail by Fall 2012 – Not very Likely

by fans of Guglielmo Marconi

A company called Crown Castle is the largest provider of Cell Phone Towers in the U.S. currently.  (Click Here)  As of 31DEC2010 CC owned, leased or managed ~23,000 cell phone towers.

Crown Castle traditionally leases Antenna space on their towers to (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) collectively known as "their customers".  SmartPhone users (Droids, iPhone, Blackberries) are then the customers of the four mentioned Wireless cell phone companies.

In the recent (wildly miss-leading story) printed in the Daily Fishwrap (Click Here) the ECT will point out the FACT that it isn’t the "job" of Crown Castle to put "4G" Wireless (per se) in Vail.  The 4 companies have to pay for their own 4G Antenna’s and 4G radio gear on those CC towers.

In the traditional model, CC provides space for new (as required 4G antenna’s) and Base Transceiver Stations (radios that operate those new 4G Antenna’s) – from those 4 wireless phone companies – on their existing (23,000+) Crown Castle cell phone towers.

While CC could (probably does) contract with a Fiber Optic provider – to run the glass needed to provide the dramatically more Bandwidth 4G wireless would require for 4G service from 4 different competing cell phone companies – the likely hood that all 4 have since signed and committed (in Vail by fall 2012?) to upgrade their Antenna’s/Radios to 4G service in Vail (while maintaining their companies backwards/existing compatibility 2G-3G cell service) is unlikely at best.

Some cell providers hopefully will upgrade in Vail – the ECT folks have been told to expect 4G Vail service from Verizon first, AT&T a likely second…will see if the ECT’s insiders/sources are correct on their prediction, soon enough.  When will all four companies have 4G Wireless Service in Vail is anyone’s guess right now.

If the Vail Town Council is smart – they’ll forget the Attorneys for now and hire a Consulting firm that specializes in negotiating leases with Crown Castle (from the landowners perspective that the cell tower resides on) and get the best deal possible.  Vertical Consultants is such a firm and Mayor Daly would be wise to talk to them first – before signing anything.  (Click Here) to find out why.

Let us all hope that Vail Councilmember Kerry Donovan is not in the room when these discussions take place – it’s abundantly clear from her (alleged) comments printed in the Daily Fishwrap – the woman has no idea – what she is talking about.


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