From the Street

by fans of Public Safety

Kudus to the Eagle River Fire Protection District this week.

It’s clear that the ERFPD is in the very capable hands of it’s new Chief – Karl Bauer.

This passed week Karl’s team very capably responed to the “lack of fresh water” emergency declared in Red Cliff as well as a vehicle/passenger rescue some 300 feet down a steep slope near the old Gilman mine.

ECT is delighted to report that through excellent traing and the hard work of Karl’s team – situations could have been much worse if these folks weren’t on the job.

Thanks again, Karl and team for your dedication and hard/effective work.

PS – ECT readers interested in “listening in” on the ERFPD Radio voice traffic – you can CLICK ON the ECT’s Radio Scanner link (look for the picture of the scanner) down our right hand margin.  It’s available 7×24.  The ECT monitors all Police, Fire and Resuce as well as on mountain ski operations (in season) on Vail and Beaver Creek mountains.


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