Eagle County School District – Fact Check?

by Concerned local Taxpayers

An ECT contributor pass on this so called – Eagle County School District (Fact Check?) this week – (Click Here)

It appears to be a School District wide (memo?) claiming to “Pull points of misinformation in the local newspaper”

1 – The ECT would like to know – just what (misinformation?) our School District Administration is talking about?

2 – The ECT is happy to point out our School District has historically been EXCELLENT at answering the ECT’s Open Records requests responding quickly and politely to the ECT’s requests from ECT’s contributors.

3 – When the ECT has received that information the ECT has made it Public via our famous [Click Here’s] in our online newspaper.  Recall the ECT was the first to publish our School District’s Payroll.

The ECT would like to see more information on the alleged cuts that the School District Administration personnel are experiencing, not just the information on our Teacher positions being cut.


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