First Look–Microsoft’s new Windows version 8

by A Microsoft Windows Repairman

First looks.

This past week Microsoft officially released their “Consumer Preview” (i.e. public beta )software of what they call the next version of Windows, which is Windows 8.  Click on the ECT’s photo to enlarge it.

The (improvements?) are centered around the new (touch screen capable) User Interface.  Touch Screen means you can expect this same User Interface on the upcoming (Microsoft – iPad like tablet) in the future.  If you have what is called a Windows Phone, you’ll recognized the User Interface immediately.  Obviously, Microsoft is gambling that Users are going to want a common User Interface/Experience across their Windows Phone, Desktop, Laptop, and Microsoft’s upcoming (iPad like Tablet).

It’s fast.  Even loaded on 2+ year old desktop hardware, the new version of Windows 8 is quick.  Microsoft kept the device driver model the same (at least in this version) as they did in Windows 7 and Vista.  This means the Computer Peripherals (mice, keyboards, printers, displays and the majority of USB devices you currently own) will work with Windows 8 right out of the box.

If you plop this version of Windows on your Administrative Assistant’s PC at your office, he/she is going to struggle (we did) trying to make what use to work – work.  You have to hunt up the Icons to launch the application programs.  Where did they go?  Once you’ve found your MS Word program it runs/looks exactly like MS Word you use today.  You now have to make extensive use of the (Windows key) on your keyboard (between the Ctrl-Alt keys) lower left on today’s keyboards.  Navigation (changing screens) gets a lot easier after you figure this out.

The new ‘eye-candy’ applications (Finance, Weather, Camera/Photos, Social Networking) are all new Icons/Programs on the desktop.  Did we mention this new version of Windows is FAST, even on older computer hardware.

For those interested in taking a look see for yourself at this new Windows 8 (public beta) can (Click Here) to download their own version.  It’s a single large ISO File that can easily be burned onto a blank DVD.  From there your computer can boot off the DVD you just burned, and load the new Windows 8.  MAKE SURE you load it on your spare/play/extra Hard Drive in your TEST box computer.  DON’T load it on a production PC in your office!



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