What are all these School District – Jobs?

by – an Eagle County Property Tax Payer

Dateline:  Thursday, March 1st 2012

The Eagle County School District just completed their list of TEACHER Job Cuts – due to budgetary reasons.  Teachers that have worked for the ECSD for the least amount of time were hit hardest.

The ECT folks got a hold of the current list of EC School District Jobs in Administration.  (Click Here)

ECT folks can’t figure out what some of these Administration jobs are.  Perhaps our ECT readers can help tell the rest of us – just what it is – that these important folks in our School District Administration – actually do.

ECT does not know how many (if any) of these Administration Jobs were cut.  Please leave a comment if you do.

If the ‘Gold Standard’ for Public School Education is keeping as many teachers in front of our children as reasonably possible…

Then why does our School District Administration have these jobs:

1 – The Director and Assistant Director of ‘Exceptional Student Services’?  (Aren’t Exceptional also covered under Special Education?  Why two seperate Administrative postions?)

2 – Child Find Coordinator (anybody know what this is? Are our Students getting lost?)

3 – Director of Early Childhood (per the State – Public Schools are eligible for State Funding when a child enters 1st Grade)  Just what is ‘Early Childhood’?  Why  is our Public School system in this business?  Isn’t this business called ‘Day-Care’?

4 – Early Childhood Education Coordinator (are Students in School before Kindergarten?)

5 – Director of Fund Development (is this person doing a good job with all these Job cuts?)

7 – Director of Professional Development (aren’t we suppose to be Educating our Students?)

8 – Director of Research and Evaluation (does this person review Student CSAP scores all day?)

9 – Director of Special Education (is this different from a ‘regular?’ Education)

10 – Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction (doesn’t the State define what is expected to be taught – then uses State-wide CSAP tests to determine if our students are learning what they’re suppose to learn in the i.e. 4th grade?)

11 – Executive Director of Student Services (no clue)

12 – Family Services Advocate (no clue)

13 – Gifted/Talented Liaison (if they’re so gifted and talented – why an Administrative liaison?  Wouldn’t another Teacher make more sense?)

14 – Instructional Coach (ECT thought this was a teacher)

15 – Migrant Recruiter/Liaison  (is this some sort of Truant Officer?)

16 – Regional Migrant Recruiter/Liaison (just where are all these Eagle County jobs coming from for Migrant workers???)

17 – Occupational Therapist  (ECT thought these folks worked at the Hospital)

18 – Outreach & Prevention Coordinator (Prevents Outreach to what?)

19 –  School Psychologist (ECT would like to lay on their Couch and have them explain to the ECT what all these School District jobs are in the Administration)

20 – Speech Language Pathologist (last time the ECT checked a Pathologist was a specialized Microbiologist dealing with disease and it’s causes.  What does this have to do with Speech?)

21 – Teen Parent Coordinator (Mrs. Smith, this is your son John.  He goes to our Public School – Seriously what is this?)

Honestly, the ECT doesn’t know what these jobs do.  When the ECT went to Public School we learned our lessons, passed our tests and went on to College and Graduated.  We think we remember one Job, ‘Guidance Councelor’ in our Public High School.  Is it no longer possible to graduate  in Public Schools without all these Administration Jobs?

How many of these Administration Jobs have a EC School District ‘credit card’?

Does every Pubic School District in Colorado have all these jobs in Administration?

Reasonable comments to this ECT report encouraged this week.  Please let us know.


17 responses

  1. take a look at any school district and you will find a cavalcade of useless administrators and people receiving six figure salaries to sit and play with the staplers..the waste in school districts is unimaginable

    • True! Few to none of the positions on the list were cut and all make over 90K with most position being paid much more. Several teachers I know have never had assistance or help from these people even though he/she teaches students that directly fall into the title of the admin. position. Who’s fooling who? It’s not really about the kids or the classroom teacher, but rather about keeping admin. position filled and high paying. If the opportunity to vote on a tax increase occurs again vote no once more to force the districts (BOE) hand to really make a difference for the students, not the admin. club. I urge you to post salaries next fall to show that even though cuts were made there were still admin. position getting paid huge while those who actually have contact time with students continue to experience decreases.

      • Thanks for your comment, concerned parent.

        ECT will try to get answers to just what these Administrator postions are.
        ECT now wondering if there are more Administrators for “Special Needs” children than there are Children in their programs.


  2. Ha! let me add a translation to your list! (I am guessing the VD, like ECT, is also not Tooting the Schools Horn enough, so ECS will do it for themselves by themselves thank you very much?!)
    Read on:
    February 8 Board Meeting: Our point of view. In light of last few Vail Daily articles highlighting approximately ten minutes of the six- to nine-hour Board of Education meetings, and usually focusing the entire story on comments heard during public participation, we thought we would provide some detail on the productive conversations that take place during both the work and regular sessions.
    Please look for the ‘Our Point-of-View’ summaries we will write internally after Board meetings.

    At the Board meeting on February 8:

    •My Superintendent Report highlighted the successes and recognition our schools continue to receive. Specifically….
    •Further testament to their dedication to the District, Board of Education members then reported on the various meetings they have attended up- and down-valley, school visits they have made and events they invited the public to get involved in.
    •During the regular session, Heather Eberts spoke to the great strides the District continues to make related to the rigorous curriculum design and major improvement strategies to the instructional core.

    Etc and so on….

    http://eagleschools.net/index.aspx?page=1084 , under

    TO: Eagle County Schools Team Members, Parents and Community Members
    FROM: Sandra B. Smyser, Ph.D.

  3. The Special Ed. Director works with programs for kids with disabilities. This is important for parents who have kids with disabilities attending Eagle County Schools. Occupational Therapists in the schools work with kids with disabilities, as does the Speach and Language Path. They may not be important to you, but they are crucial to make sure kids with disabilities get the best education they can.

    • Thanks for reading the ECT and contributing. Other folks wondering what the Administration Jobs are too. ECT asked around before publishing and not too many folks knew/understood what these Administration positions are.

      ECT happy to have our Propery Tax money used to help the kids who need it the most. We just paid (wrote our check) for the 1st half of this years Property Tax bill. Paid, on time and in full.

      ECT’s continuing concern is to make sure we don’t have more Administrators of these programs, than STUDENTS in these necessary and needed programs.

      ECT likes kids (we use to be one) ECT hates big government waste. Any chance you know how many (special needs?) kids are in these programs?

      Again, thanks for reading the ECT.

    • Thanks RC!
      thanks for reading.
      Would you like to be included in the ECT’s ‘Sunday nite Edit team’?
      ECT goes up online for the edit team Sunday nite ~8PM.
      Edits/Corrections are made before the Monday morning blast email goes out to 7,000+ Eagle County folks!

      We missed the one you caught and have since corrrected it! Score one for the Fishwrap Folks!! HA!!!

  4. As this is the case (and I don’t take issue with it as being such) –> (A Parent sez) “Occupational Therapists in the schools work with kids with disabilities, as does the Speach and Language Path”, then the state, county and federal jobs of “Occupational Therapists” and “Speech and Language Path” needs to be eliminated for those school age (PreK through 12th grade) children.

    Taxpayers seriously cannot afford to pay for multiple but identical programs, despite the glowing words of how great the economy is doing of late in the press. (It isn’t btw!)

    More examples are these: Health Care clinics in our schools (For students as well as non-student siblings) which are also offered in the county and the nation, and Food Stamps for families plus Free/Reduced (40 cents) school lunches and finally, in-school Social Workers as well as State and county Social Workers.

    Pick one or the other- ie, state/county/fed OR school based. So taxpayers, pick one of the other to fund, but not both, when they are identical programs. We no longer have that monetary spending luxury until the day we pay off our National Debt.

    • Occupational and Physical therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists are required by federal law. Kids with special needs need these services and the federal government says that from the ages of 3 – 22 the student can receive services. The school district does not make this law. Just so you know the facts.

      • Thanks for reading the ECT.
        In 1962 there was a movie of a high successful Broadway play “The Music Man”.
        In it (then a child) was Ron Howard – singing a song about “Gary Indiana”.
        The kid had a terrible lisp as he sang his little song. The song and movie was a hit.
        Ron later grew out of his childhood lisp and ultimately became (afer Maybery RFD) a successful movie director…

        One wonders how all that was possible without the Federal Gov’mint and taxpayers involvement…

        Here is the web link (YouTube) to the video from the movie

        “Just so you know the facts”.

      • G. Moonan is right, it is under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

        In 1997 Congress reauthorized amendments to IDEA which cover numerous areas, such as: state and local educational agency role and responsibilities, eligibility criteria, student disciplinary situations, private/parochial/charter schools, parental involvement, IEP provisions, data collection, records, and grant funding (see appendices).

        The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a United States federal law that governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education, and related services to children with disabilities.

        Related services
        (A) In general
        The term “related services” means transportation, and such developmental, corrective, and other supportive services (including speech-language pathology and audiology services, interpreting services, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy, recreation, including therapeutic recreation, social work services, school nurse services designed to enable a child with a disability to receive a free appropriate public education as described in the individualized education program of the child, counseling services, including rehabilitation counseling, orientation and mobility services, and medical services, except that such medical services shall be for diagnostic and evaluation purposes only) as may be required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education, and includes the early identification and assessment of disabling conditions in children.

        Preschool, elementary or secondary school education is provided in conformity with students’ Individualized Education Program (IEP).

  5. The short answer is that only one executive position has been cut. The other 2 construction management positions announced at the last BOE meeting are not really part of the DO operating budget. The construction managers were hired to supervise the construction of the new BMHS and the renovation of the HPS. These positions were always temporary and probably should have been eliminated last school year.

    I also feel that there are many valuable people on the executive staff and that you should have researched their resposibilities in greater detail before oublishing this articele. That being said there are certainly positions that should be cut after the BOE, in light of current economic conditions, does a thorough analysis of the mission of our schools.

    Hope this helps. Please do not publish my name for now. Just list me as a concerned taxpayer.

    • Thanks PR, Identity withheld. ECT is made up of volunteers. We take time away from our business and family to report what we’ve learned from the last week.

      Issue isn’t with the ECT – Issue is WHY??? Isn’t the Daily Fishwrap (full time so called journalists??) reporting on this?

      That’s where you need to point out your concern.
      That said!

  6. Within Exceptional Student Services, children receive services (e.g. Special Education) based on data (e.g. primarily psychometrically-sound tests). Services may include speech/ language therapy or occupational or physical therapy. Sometimes all of the above. Schools are required to provide children with FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education). If a student has a disability which prevents them from accessing FAPE, then they may qualify for special education services. The determination of a disability is made carefully, through a data-driven process led by a team of professionals. The disability must show a significant impact on academic performance. It must be an IMPAIRMENT. For example, a student with occupational therapy needs may have a fine motor weakness that impacts his ability to write. Although you make a good point with regard to the play about the boy with a lisp– actually it is very hard to get a student services for stuttering or a lisp because because this typically wouldn’t impair academic functioning.

    Special education providers/ administrators typically have years of training and experience which qualify them to speak to issues which much be addressed. In fact, some of the biggest savings for the district will be in good admin because they can try to help general education teachers address problems and cut down on referrals to special education. The goal would be to work with teachers to identify student areas of weakness and provide strategies for them to use in the class before the problem becomes so serious it qualifies as an impairment. Sometime, children have a genuine profound deficit and immediately qualify…also, I want to note that, with good early intervention (identifying children via Child Find), we can often address and resolve deficits at a young age. Without Early Intervention, many deficits will evolve into much more profound (and EXPENSIVE to treat) disabilities.

    In any event, I am not an administrator but I do work in Special Education– not in Eagle though. But I urge you not to discount the value of strong admin. Good leadership will lead your district into cost savings and, if they do their very difficult job, student achievement. And this will be an investment in our collective future.

    Respectfully, Lina

  7. Thanks for your observations, and valid points about children. Strong school administration is good, but many costly ‘Chiefs’ ( far removed from students ) is not good–it is a wasteful expenditure that is a luxury we taxpayers can no longer afford. We need teachers, we do NOT need all these ‘directors’. We need a superintendent and a district accountant. The rest, these costly traveling folks called administrators/directors of targeted programs play little role in being an investment in our USA collective future. They do invest, using our money, in hotels and fine restaurant’s ‘collective futures’ however. That must stop.

    If schools play the PT/counselor roles above and beyond actual in-class education, that’s fine too as long as we 100% eliminate the county, state and federal PT/counselors offered to low income families. We taxpayers can’t afford both any more. Ditto for tax-funded lunches, breakfast etc. Eliminate WIC, and Food Stamps (charge cards) then. Can’t afford both anymore. The sooner gov learns this the better off the future of this country will be – for all of us.

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