What is Commissioner Stavney, Talking About?

by   “anybody know where my political-speak decoder ring is?”

This November 2012, the ECT knows that Commissioner Stavney (D) wants you to vote for him so he can stay employed as County Commissioner for 4 more years.

To this end, he writes little articles for his pals at the Daily Fishwrap, to speak/write to some of the issues facing Eagle County today.  God forbid any of the so called ‘Journalists’ at the Fishwrap, would ever think to ask the Commissioner any timely, relevant questions.

ECT is convinced the Commissioner comes to work armed with his good intentions.

The ECT’s issue this week is – based on Commissioner’s last column in the Fishwrap – the ECT not completely sure what the Commissioner is talking about!  Are you?  Let’s take a look see.

For those worried that the ECT has taken the Commissioner “out of context” (Click Here) for a copy of the Commissioners latest column printed in the Daily Fishwrap.

Let us begin with our Commissioners written comments:

ECT Translation:  The so-called Economic Council of Eagle County (has been) a 100% drain on the Eagle County Taxpayer.  They have never created (1) new Private Sector Job in Eagle County…I’m proud to point out we unloaded this County Taxpayer burden to my friends at the Vail Valley Partnership.  Perhaps they can figure out what do to with all those (taxpayer expense) Economic Council – PowerPoint presentations – that now occupy the Eagle County landfill.

The Commissioner continues:

ECT Translation:  Boy…did we have a good time at lunch – expressing our “good intensions” toward each others organizations.  Still don’t think we’ve created one new Private Sector JOB in Eagle County, but boy did we have a good time discussing the possibility.  The “Eagle-Vail Urban Land Institute” sure sounds like something important, doesn’t it?  PS – No new County Private Sector Jobs created by these folks either!  “Shaping the Future”, indeed!

ECT Comment:  the ECT looks forward to reporting on ANY new Private Sector jobs being created in Eagle County.  YTD (4MAR2012) Eagle County’s Home Foreclosure Rate is at 85, since January 1st 2012.  That’s more than 1-a-Day and we’re in the 3rd month of 2012.


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