Fishwrap – Hiding the Truth

by – the Real Estate watcher

The folks that sell print Real Estate Ads over at the Daily Fishwrap in Eagle County – don’t want you to have a complete picture about Eagle County’s current Real Estate market.

So the ECT will tell you, what the Fishwrap reporters are failing to tell you.

Today is Monday, March 12th 2012 – the (72) day of 2012.  Since January 1st 2012 there have been 102 new forecloses posted on the Eagle County’s Public Trustees web page.  The number from the previous week (5MAR2012) was 85 Foreclosures.  Yes, our friends that live in the Eagle/Gypsum communities continue to be hardest hit by Home Foreclosures – as they have been for the past (3+) years since the current occupant took up residence in the White House.

Job Loss, continues to be the #1 culprit that is driving Home Foreclosures in Eagle County.  That is why the ECT supports creating new Jobs in Eagle County’s Private Sector.

On the one hand, the idea of getting Eagle’s proposed Eagle River Station development started is attractive from a (Jobs) point of view – yet – at the same time, what major (national?) retailer is going to open a new (anchor?) department store in a Community that is still losing too many jobs and has too many Bank Owned/Foreclosed homes on today’s market?

Granting development rights to a developer (Trinity/Red) guarantees NOTHING.  Even with those development rights in play – no town Government can force a development to start and break ground.  All the Town Government can reasonably do is set a time frame (on those vested developments rights) that (in this case) Trinity/Red wants.

The ECT folks don’t have all the answers – we just know what some of the questions are – that need to be discussed publically – so the best possible decision can be made in any Community.

The Town of Eagle’s (Board of Trustees) election is next month – and there is little doubt that a Candidates position on ERS will play a major role in just “who” gets elected…

More on this subject from the ECT very soon…


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