Moreau’s Murder Trial

by Joan Rivers vs. Lauren Glendenning

It struck the ECT as “rather odd”….

The Daily Fishwrap’s reporter Lauren Glendenning’s coverage of the Moreau Murder trial last week.

It read to the ECT like Joan Rivers covering the Academy Awards Red Carpet – as the female movie stars strut their gowns into the auditorium.

Here is how Ms. Glendenning described Mrs. Lani Kitching (in the witness stand at trial) the wife of the victim shot by Rossi Moreau:

Just what does this have to do with the murder trial held last week?

The ECT is withholding comment about the specifics of the actual trial till after the Jury reaches their verdict.

Perhaps when the Foreman of the Jury hands down their verdict – Ms. Glendenning will also let our (fashion police?) know what the foreman was wearing that day!



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