Science Corner – Recent Audio from the International Space Station – Recorded in Eagle County, Colorado last week

by friends of Neil Armstrong

While the current occupant of the White House doesn’t care to continue NASA’s Space Shuttle program…meanwhile the International Space Station is alive and doing quite well.

The ISS as it’s known (Click Here) has an active crew today that is carrying out many scientific experiments today.

The ECT caught up with these Astronauts last week – capturing their Radio traffic as they passed 240 nautical miles above Eagle County, Colorado.  The Audio lasts about 2 minutes and you’ll hear what some of the Astronauts miss the most from Earth – in their own words!

Just CLICK on the Red Audio Play button below to listen to the conversation from the ISS last week.

Did you know that NASA has teamed up with Rovio to help launch the next version of “Angry Birds” from Space?  International Space Station Astronaut Don Petit gives a video presentation from the ISS on the new version of Angry Birds that you can download for your PC, Mac, or Android on Thursday, March 22nd.


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  1. At the International Space Station ISS repairs are often needed on the exterior, the problem is it is a lot of work to send out a manned space walk to do this. Astronauts need oxygen and they have the problems of human error. Yet if we use robots, well they do not complain, unless programmed too. Robots in fact could spend months to fix something, astronauts five day space walk missions are about all we can muster right now and if we cannot get it done in time, imagine the cost for another launch. What about Fatigue factors, which take a toll on the organic components of the human body? Costs to send up a space crew to do repairs can be millions if not billions of dollars.*

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