Election Focus – Eagle and Gypsum

by fans of Paul Harvey

Dateline Eagle:  U.S. Mail in Ballots are being voted on this coming week in Eagle and Gypsum.  The general election(s) are for Town Council and Mayor occur on Tuesday, April 3rd 2012 for both Eagle and Gypsum voters!

KNOW THIS! – One of the best reasons the ECT can think of to endorse and vote for Eagle’s Mayor Ed Woodland – is the fact that incumbent Mayor Ed’s opponent in the Mayor’s election – has been publically endorsed by none other than – Arn Menconi!  A quick trip over to Facebook is proof enough!  Yikes!

Menconi?  Who can forget the unconscionable action by (then) County Commissioner – Menconi when Menconi ignored the voters (after we voted “no”) to fund Early Childhood spending – Menconi went ahead and spent our tax money anyway!  Has Mayor Ed’s opponent also been endorsed on Facebook by Fidel and Kim Jong-un?

Seriously, does Mayor Ed’s opponent really believe this Menconi endorsement is a good thing?

Dateline Gypsum:  The ECT likes these guys.  They’re running as a team with one central campaign theme – create more jobs for the folks who live in their Town of Gypsum.  Beric Christiansen, Ross Graves and Jim Kinser are the Candidates on “team JOBS in Gypsum!”  Talk to them and find out what their ideas are – and don’t forget to ask about the proposed (EGE) Airport expansion.

The Fact is – our Communities of Eagle and Gypsum have been hardest hit by Home Foreclosures for the last 3 years.  Creating new down valley Jobs will go a long way toward fixing this (unemployment then foreclosure) problem!

Gentlemen – you have the full support of the EagleCountyTimes.Com in Gypsum’s Town Council election – Tuesday, April 3rd 2012!

Contact this Team at  JobsForGypsum@Hotmail-dot-com or RossG@CenturyTel-dot-net for more information, and how this election team candidates can help bring more Jobs to our down valley community!

For those interested in meeting many Candidates – plan to be at the County Assembly for GOP candidates this Saturday, March 24th 2012 – 9AM-1PM at the Eagle County building in Eagle.  For more information (Click Here)


8 responses

  1. Really ECT? You are going to endorse Ed Woodland because Arn endorsed Yuri Kostick?
    That’s pretty small thinking. Maybe, just maybe he likes Yuri’s progressive, positive thinking, the fact that he is a “real” planner, making a difference in the community and helped put a lodging tax on the ballot. He also helped found One Eagle which had since merged with the Eagle Chamber-collaborating and helping the existing businesses in our town (my business included) He is presently working on a much needed senior center as an infill project/ cresting jobs and a true “multi generational”
    community. I have been to dozens of town hall meetings & he is always respectful of citizens (unlike the incumbent -yes, Ed Woodland!)
    You haven’t been there to witness the total lack of regard/respect that happens week after week. There are you tubes to prove it at http://www.allabouteagle .com & http://www.Yestoeagle.com. Letters & emails too.
    This is not a partisan issue. For the record, I’m
    a fiscal conservative and I didn’t support Arn in the last election. We need “real” POSITIVE change in Eagle. That change IS Yuri Kostick!
    Ps. Oh yeah, maybe another reason your endorsing Ed is that he’s an advertiser in the ECT! Hmmmm.

    • Oh and one more very important thing!
      We had a public referendum on ERS- the people voted NO 2 years ago- by 156 votes. I agree with the fact that Arn shouldn’t have gone against the peoples wishes, but isn’t this the very same thing?
      No should mean No! Yet Woodland is seemingly a YES on ERS again despite the No vote and despite all the recent overwhelming public testimony this 2nd time around.

      • Thanks Jan! Thanks for making the ECT’s point about letting the VOTERS decide! Can we count on your support to allow Eagle County VOTERS to vote on the REPEAL of Eagle County’s Open Space Tax? That TAX pass (barely) by 41 votes, the last go, and the County Commissioners, Open Space Advisorty Committee and now (Toby Sprunk) are and have WASTED Millions on this so called “Open Space” land purchases.
        How many Private Sector Jobs have been created by that confiscatory Property Tax, Jan?
        The Open Space Tax is a classic example of “Tax the many” for the “Benefit of the few”.
        The County has some good Commissioner candidates running against “Commissioner Amnesia” in this November’s election!
        ECT looking forward to it!!!

    • Hi Jan – Thanks for reading the ECT!
      Wow, new comments up and online Sunday nite before the ECT Monday morning blast email! Good for you, would you like to join the ECT’s Sunday nite ‘edit-team’?
      Yes, ECT likes Mayor Ed Woodland for several reasons! Apparently you missed the ECT’s humor “don’t worry – I’ve been endorsed by Menconi!”
      Too Funny.
      ECT fully expects Eagle River Station to go to Eagle voters again – in another Special Election (as the ECT thinks it should!
      The BIG QUESTION? Will Eagle voters support the idea (chance actually) of creating new JOBS in Eagle. Jan doesn’t need to be told how many families and businesses have suffered do to Job Loss.
      We’ll see Jan, what Eagle Voters have to say – A (chance?) at new Jobs in Eagle or “no” again – “we’d rather have a broke ‘town of Mayberry, RFD”.

  2. ECTI( The Eagle election is far more pressing than other county wide issues at this point. The main thing is, the EAGLE VOTERS voted NO and that vote should stand. The trustees along with Woodland should be upholding that decision by voting NO this time around- there shouldn’t be another referendum which will tear this town apart. RE: jobs— thats all they have and they are using it to the hilt… FACT IS: there are no jobs “soon” as RED has said in their numerous ads. They are tugging at the heart strings of hurting people and giving false hope. YES, I and other opponents, are all for jobsI employ 6 people myself…but we want sustainable ones and guess what-IF ERS is approved and the bigger IF…IF it gets built anytime soon (which is highly doubtful and even you have said this before) there WILL be attrition in town. The Nearly Everything store, City Market…restaurants, and yes, even my store may not make it… and then THOSE employees will be out of work.Chess players moving across the board to the east dsidee of town just like the supposed sales tax dollars.

  3. Sorry agout the typos- on a lap top and out of town.
    Furthermore ECT, there are no named tenants, so there are no real facts to go on, right? And the bottom line is that we have the right to want something better for our town. The “broke” Mayberry line is just a crock. GUESS WHAT! If Willy
    Powell, Roxie Deane and other leaders had used their heads years ago and annexed in the airport and Gateway Center in Gypsum…and if they hadnd’t approved Eagle Ranch which has proven to be a traffic nightmare and a cause for many dollars being spent on services without a retail base to support it,
    we may not be in the financial position we are now! 2 wrongs don’t make a right. ERS is not the answer- it may not even get built, may not yield the nimbers they say it will and… it is years away froim being built out even if it does yield what they say. BOTTOM LINE> RED and EAGLE are NOT listening to the voters. And ED W defends his decision by saying they lost by 156 votes. Evewn if they lost by only 1 vote, the vote was a NO! And this project is 80% larger than Glenwood Meadows and 30% bigger than the one voted down in 2010. Argue all day long if you choose to. You’ve drunken the RED/TOE koolaid.

    • JAN – ECT shares many of your same concerns, including our mutual goal of creating new jobs not losing existing ones!
      ECT has come to the conclusion that continuing to “do nothing” to help our down valley economy (rampant home foreclosures – due to job loss) is unacceptable. Doing nothing about our local economy is what our incumbent County Commissioner seems happy to do. His answer? Just spend a few million more on open space….
      ECT pleased that this issue will (again) go to the Eagle Voters and not just have Eagle’s BOT make the decision.
      Keep in mind Jan – there is NOTHING illegal nor wrong with a Developer whose development proposal was reject to return to Eagle with a new/different development proposal for consideration. That fact works the same everywhere, Jan.
      ECT understands Jan doesn’t like this fact, a fact Jan, none the less.
      ECT very interested to see how Eagle will vote on this most recent (Trinity/RED) proposal for development in Eagle.
      Let’s hope we get this one right…
      Agreed Jan, a potential “yes” vote doesn’t guarantee economic improvement. A “no” vote on the other hand means the sorry state of Eagle’s economy will continue.
      Did you see the ~$5Million Eagle Foreclosure on the (we think Silver Leaf hotel) in Eagle? How do you think those folks might vote (yes/no) for ERS????

  4. i am with Jan on this one. How many No’s does it take to add up to a Yes?

    2nd- and this is the elephant in the room. IF there was NO PIF fees (taxpayer loans) involved, well wahoo! But the Elephant in the Room? PIF! (Cost to all taxpayers should this Developer do what it has a track record of doing…. poor financial practices to say the least. )

    Eagle, “Town of” had many opportunities to grow their tax base, and they said no no and no! (And interestingly how all their “No’s” still add up to a big ole “N. O. ” unlike the voters No’s which still add up to a big YES ?!)

    This one is worrisome. And taxpayers will be stuck with the Due Bill if it fails.

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