Lack of Precipitation vs. Global Warming?

by NOAA’s – CWOP Weather Station CW9352

It caught the ECT’s attention last week (15MAR2012) – so the ECT would like to make some local Weather points.

Clearly, it was unseasonably warm in Eagle County, Colorado for several days last week.

What the ECT would like to share are some photos the ECT got a hold of spanning a two and a half month period – from the end of December 2011 to March 13th 2012.  Note the dates on the photos taken from mid-valley (Avon) looking across from the base of Beaver Creek.

Note the lack of Precipitation on all those dates.  Now some might argue the ECT’s photos support the so called “global warming/climate change” view  – the ECT argues and will prove – it’s more a lack of Precipitation here locally.

Proof?  The lake in Avon is still almost completely frozen (15MAR2012).  Don’t forget that a few weeks ago the Town of Red Cliff had a (winter 2012) frozen main water line – that feeds their entire Town that required both our County and Fire District to respond with fresh water and outdoor portable toilets.

But don’t worry – As long as local non-profits can sell tickets to events called “Curbing Climate Change” they’ll continue to do so.  It’s about the money.

They just want to ‘make a dime’ off a topic they think they can sell tickets to…the ECT on the other hand prefers to show you/tell you the truth, and the ECT is happy to do that for free!

PS – Gypsum’s “Gypsum Creek Public Golf Course” was open (all 18 holes) last week!


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