Another Proposed New/Additional Tax? In Vail?

by – ACE = Already Charging Extra    –     in Vail

Why are more and additional Taxes being proposed against our tourists and guests in Vail?  Just who is recommending new Taxes?

These Vail based (would-be tax raisers) remind the ECT of the stuff that hatches out of the Eagle River in the Springtime and takes flight right into the windshield of our tourists and guests.  Aren’t Aspen and Steamboat also competitive tourist destinations?

This past week – a small group of “we know what’s best for Vail’s economy” (they call themselves “ACE”) hatched their own new proposal for a new Sales and Lodging Tax in Vail.  It was revealed publicly that ACE…in their groups mind stands for “Athletic, Cultural and Events”.  (Click Here)

In the ECT’s mind ACE in Vail stands for “Already Charging Extra”.  Appropriate apologies to Vail’s Ace Hardware and Ace’s hardworking manager and all-round father and good guy…Scott Wirth.

For the record – Vail today – is ALREADY CHARGING 9.8% in combined (sales and lodging tax).  These ACE folks are proposing even more in additional taxes.  Is there any chance that our Public School Districts “Psychologist” could be lent to the Town of Vail – for a much needed examination for some of their citizens?  The ECT want’s to know why aren’t these (concerned citizens?) demanding that Vail make better use of the lodging and sale Taxes already being collected?

There is overwhelming proof that Vail, in particular, Vail’s tourist based economy is now the leading Eagle County economic driver in today’s fledgling tourist based market.

Why would any sane person, Ms. Vlaar want to tax and overburden that mostly improving part of our fragile local economy?

The ECT made some phone calls last week to our friends in the Vail lodging community.  They were clearly OUTRAGED that any so called “well intentioned” person(s) would be proposing any additional lodging/sales Tax that would only make it more difficult and less profitable to sell competitive lodging to our guests in the Vail community – especially in today’s economy.  Again…aren’t Aspen and Steamboat (just to name 2) also competitive tourist destinations?

Quote from Vail’s lodging Community:  What this proposed tax means that that we’re going to “charge our guests to listen to our commercials”.  What prospective new Vail tourist(s) are going to want to pay to do that, the ECT asks?  Does any other Colorado Tourist destination expect that of their guests, today?

The ECT doesn’t know for sure…what these ACE folks do to make their living…what the ECT is sure of…is it doesn’t involve selling lodging to prospective new tourists – in Vail.

Time…Vail folks to wake up!


3 responses

  1. Vail already has extremely high tourism and sales taxes and it cannot afford more…similar attempts by resort communities in Florida have resulted in unequivocal disaster…

  2. Well, they should care about the second homeowners who pay full taxes, and use little of the infrastructure services their taxes pay for.

    “No taxation without representation” is a slogan originating during the 1750s and 1760s that summarized a primary grievance of the British colonists in the Thirteen Colonies, which was one of the major causes of the American Revolution. The British Parliament had controlled colonial trade and taxed imports and exports since 1660. By the 1760s the Americans were being deprived of a historic right’

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