County’s GOP – Commits to Support – Your Right to Choose!

by fans of the Vote

It was a packed house.

Dateline:  Saturday, March 24th 2012 – Eagle County GOP Assembly – Eagle County, Colorado
At Issue:  selecting (among other things) 2 GOP – County Commissioner candidates – for November 2012’s General Election (Click on the photo to enlarge – note how many of these people are busy doing their homework!)

Your Right to Choose?

Yes, all GOP County Commissioner candidates committed to put the question of the REPEAL of the County’s Open Space Tax, back on your BALLOT! – Giving you the Taxpayer and Voter the CHOICE to continue paying that Property Tax or not!

For their part our current three democrat County Commissioners (Jon Stavney (D) – included) have adamantly REFUSED to put that question of CHOICE on your Ballot.

What you need to know from last Saturday’s County Assembly:

1 – There will be a GOP Primary for County Commissioner representing District 1 – that Primary election (scheduled for August 2012) will be between Johnie Rosenfeld and Jeff Layman as neither candidate was unable to get a sufficient majority of (County Assembly voters – see photo) to prevent a Primary race/election.  The District 1 County Commissioner seat is currently occupied by Peter Runyon (D) a.k.a. “the father of Stratton Flats“.

2 – In District 2 – GOP candidate Shayne  Mitchell dominated the voting at the GOP Assembly and will now face incumbent Jon Stavney (D) in November’s 2012 General Election.

FACTOID:  the largest block of registered Voters today in Eagle County are the independent “unaffiliated” voters, neither County’s R’s nor D’s have a sufficient majority of votes to dominate County election results.

So how did our local GOP candidates distinguish their positions on today’s County issues from their uber-liberal incumbent opponents?

Here are a few select quotes:

“Let’s get to, YES!”

“We need to get Government out of the way” County Government needs to shrink further – more emphasis on strengthen our County’s Private Sector, our Job creators.

“We need to stop the erosion of development rights” by unnecessary County regulations that are hindering Job creation.

For a “look-see” at some of the folks attending last Saturday’s County Assembly check out the ECT’s exclusive photo’s below!

PS – For the record…many of the folks pictured in the ECT’s top photo headed over (2 blocks over from their meeting in Eagle) and stopped by for lunch at Eagle’s “Moe’s Original Bar B Que” on Rte 6.  Moe has a great outdoor picnic table that had many happy folks enjoying lunch during last Saturday’s unusually warm temperatures and bright sun shine.  These local GOP folks know a thing or two – about supporting our local businesses.


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  1. While I am on the subject of ‘Taxation Without Representation’ elsewhere in ECT, lets see what Investopedia ( has to say on Taxation and TABOR…and taxpayers.

    1) Definition of ‘Taxation Without Representation’
    A situation in which a government imposes taxes on a particular group of its citizens, despite the citizens not consenting or having an actual representative deliver their views when the taxation decision was made.

    2) Definition of ‘Taxpayer Bill Of Rights (TABOR)’
    A measure created by conservative and libertarian groups that seeks to limit the growth of government and to police the actions of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    Read more:

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