Colorado State Government – Hiding their Agenda

by Clayton Moore

If you’re not suspicious of Colorado’s State government – you should be.

Seems our Colorado General Assembly gave us all their bipartisian “RAH-RAH” Press Release last week – and the ECT thought it didn’t pass “the smell test”.  Turns out, it didn’t.

Let’s start with their Press Release from last week – here it is in its entirety…just Click On the image below to enlarge it so you can easily ready it.

The Government’s: “RAH-RAH” – For only “$60.00” dollars you can help support/promote “Hunting and Fishing in Colorado” and get one of Colorado’s newly authorized automobile license plates selected by Colorado’s General Assembly.

What Government told you from above:  “A portion of the money collected from the plate will go the Colorado Parks and Wildlife fund to develop more public shooting ranges and expand and promote fishing in Colorado”.

Naturally the ECT folks wanted to know more, so the ECT asked, and here is their answer as to where your $60.00 (initial fee) will go!

1 – $25.00 goes to cover Colorado’s Department of Motor Vehicles fees.

2  – $25.00 goes to Colorado’s Highway Users Trust Fund

3 – $10.00 goes to Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife Fund.   Only 17% of the $60.00 dollars goes to “what government told you” in their press release.  Their press release didn’t mention any of this!  You had to ask!

“But Wait” (as Billy Mayes once said) “There’s More”.  Turns out (their press release didn’t mention this either) this new Colorado vehicle license plate comes with a $25.00/yr “renewal fee”.  That $25.00 annually (all of it) goes to fund grants to expand public shooting ranges and improve fishing within Colorado.

TO THEIR CREDIT:  Colorado State Senator (Jean White (R)) office contact (Ms. Lori Brown) promptly answered the questions the ECT folks had about “where your money actually goes”.

If ECT readers are interested in purchasing this new Colorado vehicle license plate – that’s up to you – at least now (thanks to the ECT) you know where your money is actually going.


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