Don’t Worry, Yuri! Water still running downhill

by  Water Wise Wednesday

This is no time to panic.  Nor is it an April Fool’s joke.

However it is time to pay very close attention to the amount of Water in our current western slope Snow Pak.  Click on the Graph below to enlarge it.

2002 was the last time Eagle County had a serious (summertime, lack of water) issue as the Graph clearly shows.  The imperfect news is…Eagle County is further behind that bad year – which should make Candidates running for Eagle’s Mayor to worry – along with the rest of us.

The good news is, it’s the beginning of April and it will no doubt snow/rain again before the middle of our 2012 summer, however how much (catch up) can be expected in the meantime – is the big question.  No doubt if this continues our friends at Eagle River Water (and the rest of western slope water authorities?) will move from “Water Wise Wednesdays” to most likely every day of the week.  The ECT is not trying to “ring the alarm bell” on this issue – only trying to get local folks to Pay Attention.  Faithful ECT readers know the ECT exposed this ongoing precipitation issue, a few weeks ago with our local Environmental Report, including photos with recent dates (Click Here)

The ECT thought you should know – and start planning accordingly for your landscape (and other) water needs this summer.  For more information on the water content of our current Snow Pak – you can visit the Eagle River Water and Sanitation web site by (Clicking Here)  Caught That?  The ECT folks did…  The formerly never stops running winter sprinkler in the field in Wolcott (the one they use for their pasture’s big ice sculpture) has been turned off…Good.

PS – Yes Eagle candidate Yuri, the thought occurred to the ECT…does anyone know just exactly what the “water rights” are, that ERS actually owns for Eagle’s ERS development as currently proposed?  Mr. Lapin?  Folks, please contact the ECT if you have any documented answers to that question.


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