Eagle’s Mayor Ed – Out in Front

by  Clayton Moore

It sure looks to the ECT like Eagle’s Mayor Ed Woodland is out in front of this Capital Street based candidate crowd.  Click on the Photo to enlarge it.

As reported last week – Eagle’s elected Town Board (led by Mayor Ed) voted 6-1 in favor of approving Eagle’s controversial Eagle River Station proposal – version 2.

One thing you can say about Mayor Ed and five members of the Town Board – is that they’re willing to take the “public heat” when it comes to making tough and controversial decisions.  Whether you agree with that Boards decision or not you have to admit that fact takes guts and some determined leadership.

The “odd man out” on that 6-1 vote/decision on Eagle’s Town Board…was Mayor Ed’s opponent in next Tuesday’s (3APR) election.

If you’re still undecided about who to vote for – the ECT would like to remind you again… Mayor Ed’s opponent has now been endorsed by BOTH Arn Menconi and Ann Menconi.  That should tell you something Comrade Reader…


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