From the Street

The ECT predicts that the University of K. will win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Monday nite.

Should Kansas win…you many never hear the end of it from a Jayhawk whose self-proclaimed nickname is YOP.

What they didn’t tell you last week…

The #1 job for Editor “Half The Story” over at the Daily Fishwrap – is the continued profitability of his newspaper.

So it was last week when EHTS publicly acknowledged his support for Eagle’s proposed, Eagle River Station project.  Altruistic?  You decide, after all the proposed new shopping mall full of businesses that want his newspaper’s paid print advertising – doesn’t hurt his business, now does it?

To his credit, EHTS did make one significant point last week – the opponents of ERS have FAILED to propose any significant ideas on how to improve our down valley economy – Eagle and Gypsum continue to be hardest hit by Home Foreclosures (now in its 3rd year) – due to Job Loss down valley.

If Eagle Voters approve ERS v2.0 with their referendum vote on (Tuesday, May 22nd 2012) they’ll still be rolling the proverbial dice.  All voters can do is “approve” they can’t “force” ERS to happen.

If ERS does happen, the ECT hopes the families that need the work down valley, will get that work.

The strange part of the ERS v2.0 package being sent to Eagle Voters – is the fact that developer Trinity/RED has ONLY asked for 3 years of vested development rights.  Bottom line – if Trinity/RED doesn’t break ground (significantly) in that 3 year window – they’ll lose their right to develop in Eagle and have to return to Eagle’s Town Board with their ERS v3.0 development proposal…

Indeed, why didn’t Trinity/RED ask for Development Rights that last longer than 3 years?  Turns out the elected folks Eagle’s Town Board were prepared to give them more time…in exchange for additional concessions to the Town…By comparison…the fact is Avon Developer (Traer Creek – Wal~Mart & Home Depot) got 20+ years vested development rights with their 1998 Annexation Agreement – at that time…that Agreement legally gave Traer Creek their vested Development rights.  (More on that later)

In the mind of the ECT folks, the risks of “doing nothing” to improve our down valley economy is worse than the risks of “approving something” – something that hopefully will improve things for the majority of families that live down valley.

ECT like many others will be watching very carefully – what the Eagle voters decide on Tuesday, May 22nd.


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