Cordillera Litigation Update – April 6th 2012

by Clayton Moore

What’s going on with the (now) Class Action Lawsuit involving the Wilhelm Family Partnership and the members of the Cordillera Golf Club?

Well…it was NOT a good day, yesterday, in Federal Court – for the cause of the Wilhelm Family Partnership.

The WFP filed just weeks earlier to move the case to Federal Court (after the lawsuit attained Class Action Status) – that status achieved by a previous ruling from District Court Judge Fred Gannett.  The Plaintiff’s in this case (Golf Course Members, et al) filed with District Court – to get Class Action status.  (Click Here)

Yesterday the ruling from Federal Court was handed down.  The WFP’s attempt to move their Case to Federal Court was rejected by the Ruling of Judge William J. Martinez – a U.S. District Judge.  (Click Here)  This case is now back in the hands of District Court and Judge Fred Gannett.

So what can reasonably be expected to happen next?

Cordillera insiders have insisted privately that this recent WFP “move” to try and get this lawsuit into Federal Court was no more than an attempt at a delaying tactic in the Courtroom.

Know This:  There has absolutely been no attempt by local Alpine Bank to delay the repayment of their ~$13.7 Million dollar loan – that the Wilhelm Family Partnership currently has with Alpine.  It has been reported that this (interest only?) loan is due in it’s entirety no later than June 2012.  (Click Here)  Alpine for their part has shown no fear of (jumping into) this litigation as a 3rd party litigant – to protect their $13.7 Million Dollar loan – that is secured (in part) by the pristine condition of the 4 Cordillera Golf Courses.

ECT’s question:  Who is going to pay to maintain those Cordillera courses this Spring, when/if the WFP (declares bankruptcy?) as their next move in this now (multi-year) lawsuit?

If any ECT readers have specific documentation that does answer our question, please contact the ECT.

How best to characterize the condition of the WFP’s case, at this point?  Well the ECT folks thought about that when we got up this morning and took this photo of the moon setting over the Cordillera’s Ridge line early this morning.

Just click on the photo to enlarge!


6 responses

  1. Do you have a copy of the February letter from Dr. Rush telling members that he has taken over as general partner and has paid down part of the Alpine debt so there will be no default?

    • ECT aware of a ‘letter’ from Wilhelm’s “white night” expressing good intensions to help resolve the litigation.

      ECT completely unaware that any money has actually changed hands.

      Do you have proof, millions of dollars have (already?) changed hands?

      ECT thinks not. ECT believe there is confusion between “expressing good intensions” and actually writing large checks.

      If you have documentation that proves otherwise…please email the ECT with that Public Record information!

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