The Education Foundation of Eagle County – has been FINED Multiple times by the State of Colorado

by the ECT’s Investigative Reports

According to online records at Colorado’s Secretary of States web site – Eagle County’s so called “Public Education Foundation of Eagle County a 501(c)3 Non-Profit has been

Issued – 10 Delinquent Notices since  May 7th 2004

Fines Assessed – 6 times since May 7th 2004

Suspend Notices – 2 times since May 7th 2004

Paid those Fines – 2 times since May 7th 2004

EFEC is a Registered 501(c)3 non-profit and has been since it’s inception on May 7th 2004, according to online records.  Our Colorado Secretary of State’s (SoS) web site lists them as “Public Education Foundation of Eagle County” – now shortened to (EFEC or Education Foundation of Eagle County)  EFEC according to their records is a non-profit dedicated to helping Eagle County’s Public School system.

You can reach these online Public Records by (Clicking Here) you will also need EFEC’s (Employer Identification Number – 841585417) to search those specific Public Records about EFEC.

Once in the SoS online system – you’ll discover EFAC’s Registration number with Colorado’s SoS Office is – 20043004511 Click on that once you’re logged in.  Next click on “View History and Documents” to see the Public Records – reference above. Or you can just review some of their assembled online documents by (Clicking Here) here.

One of the most persistent names on the imperfect EFEC multi-year documents/accounting held by the Secretary of State is the name of local Eagle County resident…

Ms. Louise P. Funk

NOTE:  The ECT is not assessing/accusing “blame” here only reporting the documented facts from a review of YEARS of online EFEC filings with Colorado’s Secretary of State office.  The online information above, confirms the accuracy of the ECT’s report.

A reasonable persons review of these documents leads one to conclude that the legally required accounting and record keeping could be dramatically improved at EFEC.

Granted, everyone makes mistakes from time to time – however what the ECT folks discovered was YEARS and YEARS of the same mistakes missing the (legal SoS filing requirements/deadlines) needed to keep a non-profit in “good standing” with the State of Colorado.

It gets worse.

Commensurate with the legal requirements of keeping any 501(c)3 non-profit in good standing with the Secretary of State office – is the annual requirement to file a Federal Tax return – in this case, like all non-profits is a Public Record Federal Form called a 990.

Despite the fact that EFEC’s latest 990 filing (it’s 26 pages long – Click Here) you simply can’t tell “where all the money was spent, that was raised”.   Ref – $214,264.00 reported raised on their 2010 Form 990.  Just where did that money go?  As stated in their EFEC letter dated 6MAR2012 – their stated Goal is to raise $3.2 Million dollars by June 1st 2012.

  That Federal tax return was signed 8JUL2011 by Executive Director Ms. Funk.


EFEC, Open and Transparent with the donated money EFEC has raised?  You decide.

Conclusions:  The ECT believes there are several well-intended folks that work on the Board of EFEC.  The ECT also believes the majority of the current Board members have no clue about the history and condition of the legally required non-profit filings of their group.

Anyone familiar with our School District’s existing $233 Million dollar long term Bond Debt..over 10 years (Click Here) would never question the Eagle County – Property Tax-raising skills of Ms. Louise Funk…until perhaps recently.

It’s Ms. Funk’s Accounting and legal/Tax paperwork skills that alarms the ECT and it should to any individuals considering donating money to help support Public School Education in Eagle County.

What the ECT folks would like to see is a much better, clearer accounting on their Federal 990 form that gives potential donors evidence of just where their hard earned (donated) money is going!

The ECT folks stand by this report.

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