This Week’s ECT Photo Log

by Peter Parker and M.J.

Barring any Felony convictions or Death – the ECT folks can GUARENTEE the next Eagle County Commissioner (election November 2012) is in our photo below from last week.

What have we learned from this photo from last week?

–  No question about it.  The challenger Eagle County Commissioner candidate Shayne Mitchell clearly has the upper hand on our incumbent Eagle County Commissioner in the (District 2 race)!

– The incumbent prefers to wear his hat, rather than any badge that would identify him and his re-election candidacy on a Tuesday nite in Eagle…So in keeping with the Commissioner’s incognito (desire?)…the ECT wont identify him by name either!  Hint:  Fact is…Runyon doesn’t look this good with his hat on or off.

– Both obviously prefer to be photographed near and EXIT sign, in case their hasty retreat should be required.

– In spite of what you might think…the ECT photographer “did not” ask these candidates to say Ahhhh! just before the photo was taken.  And the ECT has a lot more photos, from where this one came from!  Keep in mind our November election is just 6 months away…

Happy Easter and Happy Passover 2012 to all our God Fearing ECT friends and readers!  We thought of you when we took this Spring photo (below) last week!  And the ECT’s goodwill wishes  includes the Daily Fishwrap’s favorite Agnostic – we only hear from him on Tuesdays – Richard Carnes!

The ECT thought about the condition of the case…of Cordillera Lawsuit Plaintiff – Wilhelm Family Partnership – when the ECT took this photo of the early morning “moon set” over the Cordillera Ridge Line from last week.  Judging from the current condition of this Plaintiff’s case…use your imagination and see if you can figure out why!


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