Alpine Bank’s – Bizarre Letter to Account Holders

by Privacy Concerns for Alpine Bank Account Holders

Why would Alpine Bank – mail such a letter?  Why would any sane person agree to the proposal in Alpine’s letter?  What are these Alpine people thinking?

With Consumer Privacy issues at the top of many folks minds – due to Internet “Phishing Schemes” and outright credit card fraud…why would Alpine Bank send such a letter to their Bank Account Holders?

What happens to your Private Financial Information?  Just CLICK on the graphics below to enlarge them, so you can easily read them.

On what grounds can/would “social services and law enforcement” have access to your personal financial information?  Formerly a Court Order was necessary for the release of your personal financial information!  Where else would your personal financial information go once “social services” got a hold of it?  What does County Agencies “like Social Services” actually mean?  Who are these “Social Services” people?  Do you know?  Do you trust them?  Should you?

ECT readers concerned that the ECT ‘may have taken something out of context’ can (Click Here) to read the entire PDF copy of the letter Alpine Bank has U.S. Mailed to account holders.

The ECT folks asks our readers to carefully consider their options before signing/agreeing to anything like this – under any circumstances.

One response

  1. The state law–not banks rules per say- and if people don’t like this-vote carefully (not bank carefully!) this next go-round?!

    SENATE BILL 10-042

    BY SENATOR(S) Schwartz, Boyd, Carroll M., Gibbs, Hudak, Johnston, Keller, Newell, Romer, Shaffer B., Steadman, Tapia, Williams; also REPRESENTATIVE(S) Frangas and Kefalas, Apuan, Casso, King S., Labuda, Todd.

    ARTICLE 21 – Protection Against Financial Exploitation

    6-21-103. Release of financial information – prior consent – financial exploitation investigations – civil immunity. (1) (a) A financial institution shall offer each eligible account holder, and may offer all account holders, the option to voluntarily sign a prior consent form for placement in the account holder’s file or record maintained by the financial institution. The financial institution shall provide notice of the availability of the option, including a description of the purpose of the prior consent as described in paragraph (c) of this subsection (1), when the financial institution establishes a customer relationship with an eligible account holder and at least annually during the continuation of the relationship. The financial institution may provide the notice required by this subsection (1) in conjunction with the disclosure required by 15 U.S.C. sec. 6803.

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