Diagnosis: Vail Hospital’s – Struggle with Credibility

by Clayton Moore

Is there something unhealthy going on at Vail’s Hospital – the Vail Valley Medical Center – VVMC?

You decide.

In a story first brought by Business Briefs – based on BB’s Public Record search – BB posted the 2009 compensation some of the VVMC officers have received.  The information can be verified from a review of that non-profits (public record) 2009 Federal 990 Tax Return.  (Click Here)  ECT readers can “cut to the chase – compensation” with a quick look at Page 47 of that return (Click Here).

For the record the ECT folks believe everyone should be compensated fairly based on the work and contribution that person provides their organization.  Everyone knows our VVMC non-profit hospital is charged with providing the best and fairly priced Healthcare for Eagle County citizens.  ECT like everyone else wants a financially stable Hospital that runs efficiently as a local non-profit.

Is that what’s going on here?

Enter the Eagle County Public School District –

FACT:  Our Public School District is one of the LARGEST employers in Eagle County.  Their folks like everyone else needs good and competitively priced Healthcare.  Our District like so many other Eagle County businesses is struggling to make their financial ends meet – same as many Eagle County folks today.

Consider:  Some of the recent public comments attributed to our School District’s – Chief Financial Officer – Phil Onofrio (Click on the graphic below – to enlarge it)  For a complete copy of Randy Wyrick’s story that contained these comments, (Click Here)

How might a local Chiropractor describe this situation?  “You’ve got something out of Alignment, here!”

For our part the ECT folks don’t know how to run a Community Non-Profit Hospital – anymore than the ECT knows how to run…a GSA convention in Las Vegas.

If the ECT had our way, our Hospital would have a local competitor – and folks and businesses could decided for themselves – where to purchase their healthcare.  The ECT disdains “Obamacare” as much as we disdain Capitalism without the ‘checks and balances’ that genuine competition brings to the market.

The ECT folks hopes that the VVMC Board of Directors consider some of the points made here – at their next Board meeting.


One response

  1. Our local hospital does have a competitor. This is why more and more people from Eagle and Gypsum are driving to Valley View hospital in Glenwood Springs.

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