Economic Online Survey Time – Up and Down Valley

by the Fans of Scott Rasmussen

With the Ski Season now officially over perhaps you have a couple of minutes to let some folks and local businesses know what you think about what’s going on in Eagle County.

Down Valley – City Market makes it easy to weigh in on the issue of locating a newer, bigger, easier to park at City Market down valley.  What to do with Eagle’s City Market?  Would a new, bigger City Market located closer to the down valley Costco (where we all buy gas when we’re down there) make it easier and more convenient for you to shop at City Market when running your down valley errands?

Let City Market know – and have the number from your City Market Value Card with you when you take their Survey!

(Click Here)

Like wise the Town of Vail has a fairly comprehensive online survey for folks who live and don’t live in Vail.  Vail is offering a chance (odds better than Mega-Millions) at $500.00 toward your Epic Ski Pass for next year.  Their questions allow room for your written feed back in addition to your Answers.

(Click Here)


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