Brandi’s Been Busted

by   Fans of the Truth

The Town of Eagle’s new elected Trustee ‘Brandi Resa’ gets busted this week – by the local independent media – the ECT.


For making public statements – that Brandi’ didn’t (hasn’t so far) backed up when questioned (actually twice last week) by the ECT.  Has the majority Eagle voter made a mistake electing Ms. Resa?  Or do Eagle voters prefer representatives that have trouble with the truth?  You decide – as the ECT presents the evidence.

On the topic of approving (or not) Eagle River Station (vote is scheduled for Tuesday, May 22nd) Brandi’s personal Blog has this to say:

“There have been some quite informative and interesting emails regarding City Market’s departure (see separate post on that later as that is not happening)…”


The ECT contacted Ms. Resa twice – online at her Blog – where the ECT’s questions were posted online.  (Click Here)

Simply put the ECT wanted to see (so the ECT could share with you) the proof of Brandi’s public comments about the alleged (move/departure?) of Eagle’s City Market grocery story.

FACT is:  Brandi has FAILED (so far) to provide any documented proof of Eagle’s – (City Market’s Grocery store) intension to (move or not) from their existing location in Eagle.  Allegations also exist that (if this were to happen) and CM left Eagle – Eagle’s sales tax base would be reduced by ~40%.

Brandi it seems isn’t the only person who has no trouble making public statements about things they can’t back up.  See below from last week’s ‘letters to the Fishwrap’


No reasonable Eagle voter – would be happy to see (40% ??) of their towns Sales Tax revenue – move away.  The problem a reasonable Eagle voter has – is we don’t know (so far) whether City Market will publically share their future plans with Eagle voters – before Tuesday, May 22nd.

FACT is:  No private sector business has any legal (nor otherwise) obligation to share their future business plans – with anyone.  In this case why would City Market (Eagle) publically share their future (location?) plans…that would allow their Grocery store competitor (Safeway) to review and analyze?  What business does any Public Official have commenting on City Market’s future plans – if they don’t have documented proof to back up their statements, Brandi?

If CM Eagle were to publically share their (future location? expansion?) plans it would certainly make it easier for Eagle voters to evaluate.  However, the ECT folks don’t believe this public disclosure is likely to happen for the reasons mentioned above.  In the meantime the ECT will continue to keep local politicians – accountable and the ECT will keep an eye out for any documented public statements from Eagle’s City Market!


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