School District Buses – What the ECT has learned about their Expenses

by the ECT’s Investigative Reports

DATELINE:  April 2012 – Due to projected Budget restraints – one of the areas our Eagle County School District is considering cutting/reducing is the number of Public School Bus routes next school year.  (Click Here)

So?  The the ECT looked into the Public Records of just where the District’s “transportation department” is currently spending your Tax dollars.  The ECT looked at just (ONE MONTH’S) documented expenses from March 2012.

Click on below to enlarge each graphic.


EC School 2011 Payroll lists Ms. Melanie McMichael as our District’s Director of Transportation –  at $73,475.02/year plus District benefits.


The ECT believes we’ve discovered Ms. McMichael’s penchant for fresh flowers along with her departments appetizing support for Red Lobster, Chipolte and staying at Holiday Inns – all the while your School District insists “they don’t have enough money” to do their job getting your child to school for education.

Everyone who has worked for Corporations in the Private Sector knows that – when things get “tight” with Budgets the first things to “go” are spending on:

– Travel and Entertainment and Training.

Our Eagle County School District’s Transportation is BY NO MEANS the only Department with a “spending problem” of Eagle County’s Taxpayer money.

The ECT folks chose to focus on the Transportation Department because local Parents have been threatened by the District – with reduced School Bus Routes next School year…ostensibly because of a lack of sufficient funding.

Our School District’s lack of Fiscal Discipline is STAGGERING compared to what goes on in the Private Sector when times get tough economically.  Spending on School District Credit Cards – that Taxpayers pay for – is completely out of control from the ECT’s perspective.  Near as the ECT can tell no one who has a District Credit card is being held to account for ANY of their spending.  Consider, just one example:  4 documented expenditures (above) for “flowers” in just one month at our District’s Transportation Department.

Faithful ECT readers can (Click Here) to review for just one month (March 2012) the paid expenses at your Eagle County School District.

The ECT has no clue why Eagle County School District Sandra Smyser ($192.384.74/yr + benefits) still has her job.  Perhaps this is why Dr. Smyser isn’t employed in the Private Sector.


2 responses

  1. Hey, ECT! Wadda ya’ doin pickin on our School District Administration?
    It’s always “for the kids” isn’t it?
    That makes everything OK cuz is always about ‘the kids’, right?
    No doubt about it all those flower purchases from last month must have
    Been ‘for the kids’, right!

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