Vail – in Eagle County, Colorado exactly 1 Year Ago + 4 Days…

by the Weatherman who noticed Earth Day this week!

So just was the Weather in Vail, Colorado – ONE YEAR AGO (plus four days) ???

The ECT will let the now retired – Vail’s Vista Bahn Chair Lift – show you the difference – Click on the Photo to enlarge it!


Well…it appears Mud Month in Vail has started and so has the disassembly of Vail’s Vista Bahn chair lift.  The ECT knows our friends at the Water District prefer last years snow pak to this years!


Below is a photo taken on Vail’s Meadow Drive.  The ECO-Drones over at the Daily Fishwrap won’t tell you this but since it’s Earth Day (plus 1) 2012 – the ECT will.  Turns out the “ECO-Friendly” Vail Bus systems (Hybrid-Electric) buses weigh much more than the original Vail Buses…

So?  So the additional weight of all those new buses running all Winter long – HAS BROKEN the Bricks/Pavement on this section of Meadow Drive in Vail – and the Taxpayers had to pay to replace them.  This section of Meadow Drive is reserved for Buses only.  It’s the mostly pedestrian friendly section of the Road – just west of Peter Noble’s “Solaris” in Vail.


It may be “ECO-Friendly” however it most certainly isn’t “Taxpayer-Friendly”.  The super heavy weight Hybrid Electric – Vail Bus!  Perhaps one of our local ECO-groups can pay to inflate this buses tires with Helium!  No wait!  Shouldn’t we commission a Taxpayer funded ECO-study on Helium filled tires, First!  Perhaps Solyndra Solar Panels should be considered for the roof of the bus.  The ECT understands Solyndra could use the business.



3 responses

  1. This is not factual info EcT.
    From a trusted source who works on those buses at the TOV…”a hybrid bus does not weigh much more than a regular bus of the same length and the truth is the heated pavers were installed incorrectly. We have heard that the TOV sued the contractor and won. The entire section is supposed to be redone at no cost to the taxpayers!
    If you would like to learn more about these efficient buses, contact someone who actually knows something about them.

    • Thanks for reading the ECT – JT.
      Turns out…the ECT has already heard back from the Town of Vail’s Community Information Officer earlier this week.
      The ECT will update this short TOV Bus story next week with the information from the TOV.

      According to the Town of Vail JT -what you believe isn’t completely true!

      Check out the ECT next Monday, April 30th to learn more.

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