City Market’s Plans in Eagle – We still don’t know

by the  Wheat and the Chaff

We all…still don’t know.

Eagle’s City Market and their future location plan(s) remain unconfirmed reguardless of the many comments printed in the Daily Fishwrap this past week.  The future economics of Eagle’s proposed Eagle River Station vs. Gypsum’s Tower Center development?  The ECT will analyze.

The most reasonable printed comment from last week…


No one knows (except the planners at City Market) what the future holds for their store in Eagle.  Throw into that mix, competitor Safeway’s future plans considering Safeway’s stores in Vail and Glenwood Springs…and it’s impossible to predict accurately what might happen next to the Sales Tax revenue (~40% of Eagle’s total??) generated from CM’s grocery store in the Eagle.

Below is an especially unhelpful printed comment from the pages of the Fishwrap last week…No-Plans-this-Week

Would the Town of Gypsum, please provide to the ECT your copy of the City Market letter – on City Market letterhead, that PROVES the above statement?

What?  You don’t have any such letter?  Turns out, neither does Ms. Brandi Resa.  Then why should a reasonable person, believe the above “sweeping statement” if you don’t have any official DOCUMENTATION to back it up?  Point is, the ECT believes that the majority Gypsum’s Town Council reported (above) based on what they were told verbally.

Recently, newly elected Eagle representative Ms. Brandi Resa learned an important lesson…due to the assistance of the EagleCountyTimes.Com  (Click Here)  No elected official should be making public statements on controversial topics…if they can’t back them up with Documentation…Ms. Resa it seems has recently learned that valuable lesson.  Sadly it appears, (see above) the majority of others (responsible for that Gypsum comment – Mayor Steve Carver, Mayor Pro Tem Richard Mayne, Beric Christansen, Tom Edwards, Gary Lebo, Tim McMichael and Pam Shultz) have not advanced as far as Brandi’s education has – in making public statements.


To read the rest of the article that above clip came from (Click Here)  The ECT doesn’t take things out of context.

Again – if the Gypsum Town Council has a letter from the Public Relations department at City Market – the ECT will be happy to put  a copy of your letter online for a review by the readers of the ECT.

Keep in mind Gypsum Town Council that “verbal commitments” are all too often as good as the paper they’re written on…Further, no one human being can “guarantee” the actions of another.

Decision Day for Eagle voters is Tuesday, May 22nd 2012.  Isn’t it time to “get real” with the documented facts, folks?


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