Early Childhood – Invasion?

by  Amazed at the Number of Programs!

Last week the ECT exposed the money trail that ended in the pocket of the President of your elected Eagle County School Board – Ms. Jeanne McQueeney.  (Click Here)

The ECT folks were left wondering…”is Ms. McQueeney’s non-profit the only local non-profit (or private sector) organization dedicated to “Early Childhood” issues?

Simply put – “Is this why Ms. McQueeney’s group – was (singled out?) to receive Taxpayer money?

Just exactly what is the process for selection the (Early Childhood recipients) for County funding?  How many local organizations applied for Funding last year?

Amazingly the Fishwrap answered (at least in part) some of the ECT’s questions this past week.  Just CLICK ON the photos from the Fishwrap below to see the number of organizations involved with “Early Childhood” in our County. By the ECT’s count there are about – 56 different groups, programs and ‘what have you’ devoted to the issue of “Early Childhood” development.

More questions came to mind after a review of all this information.

– How could any child possibly develop into a High School dropout or School Bully with all these amazing programs (and free funding – if you qualify) available today?

– What is the Environmental impact of untold numbers of young parents constantly driving their (Early Childhood) children back and forth to all these developmental centers, schools and special programs?

– Why was Ms. McQueeney’s non-profit seemingly ‘singled out’ for funding considering the number of alternative organizations devoted to the same issue?

How is it that for generations of Americans during the 20th century managed to grow up and become productive members of their Communities – without all of this attention being paid to the (development?) of children not yet old enough to attend Public School?

The ECT has no doubt that there are very nice folks involved in and working with children not old enough to attend Kindergarten.  The ECT is still amazed at the number of all these programs…


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