ECT clarification from the Town of Vail – last week

by the ECT team.

The nice folks at the Town of Vail – responded to a short news story in the ECT last week.  (Click Here)

Thank you Ms. Silverthorn, for this clarification….


Good morning. Your story about the rebuild of East Meadow Drive needs clarification. There was a design flaw in its earlier construction. As such, the town filed a claim against the design company and won. Settlement dollars received by the town are being used to rebuild the road according to the correct design standards.

Suzanne Silverthorn, APR Community Information Officer Town Manager’s Office
970.479.2115 970.471.1361

The good news for Vail Taxpayers is that an insurance company money (from the design company) is involved in the needed repair of East Meadow Drive in Vail.  However until the repair work is complete and the final bill is paid, (JT) none of us will know the extent to which the Vail Taxpayer has “been involved” in this ongoing and and needed repair.


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