Property Taxes vs. Eagle County Commissioner Elections

by  How much more can you stand?

Eagle County Property Taxes?  What you need to know.

1 – The Eagle County Property Tax Bill you received in January 2012 due in it’s entirety no later than June 15th 2012, will be the same size Property Tax bill you receive next year 2013.

2 – Look ahead, it turns out June 30th 2012 is an especially important date this year.  That date is defined by Colorado State Statute as the so called ‘date of property valuation’ for the future cycle of your Property Tax bill.  The Eagle County Assessor (elected – Mark Chapin’s) office will set a valuation (on June 30th) for your Property Tax bill that will be invoiced and due in 2014.

The vast majority of Eagle County Property owners (both Commercial and Residential) can anticipate a lower Property Tax bill (2014) than the one you’re paying now (2012).

With “so much time on the table” going forward this gives legal entities that depend on Property Taxes time to adjust and plan their future Budgets.

Eagle County and our Eagle County Public School District depend on Property Tax revenue.  So the ECT folks thought it was time to review the Eagle County Spending Priorities since 2 out of the 3 Eagle County Commissioner seats are up for election this November 2012.

Know this:  Eagle County Commissioners (and all other Colorado County Commissioners) have a Fiduciary responsibility to foster and maintain a healthy (dare we use the ECO term – ‘Sustainable’) County Economy that provides the Property/Sales Tax Revenue that is used to meet the Commissioners annual Statutory responsibilities.

So it is reasonable to ask …where are our current County Commissioners are spending their time – and spending your Tax money you pay them in – annual Property Tax payments…


How many new Eagle County Private Sector Jobs were created when more money was transferred to the County’s Social Services Department?

The above reads like it was taken out of the Obama re-election playbook – “deficit spend, spend on those things most likely to buy votes – and increase the individuals dependence on more government handouts”.

What other spending priorities has your current board of County Commissioners been busy spending millions of your Tax Dollars on?

Answer:  Open Space

This past year while our County’s home foreclosure rate continued unabated (due to Job Loss) the majority of your County Commissioners fearlessly floated down the Colorado River (last fall 2011) in a raft – in an attempt to identify more river front property to spend millions of your tax dollars on.  (Click Here)  How many Eagle County Home Foreclosures were stopped or prevented by this Fiduciary conduct?


Every reasonable person understands that our County Commissioners are not personally responsible for the current state of our County’s Economy – nor should they reasonably be held to fix it (by themselves) – the question is – what have they reasonably done (direct action?) to try and improve our local economy – that provides the Property/Sales Tax base to keep our County’s budget a balanced one?

Do you believe your County Commissioners are living up to their Fiduciary responsibility?

One way or the other County voters will be making that decision this November 2012, the ECT folks prefer you do it – from an informed state of awareness.


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