Eagle County’s Clerk and Recorder needs your Help!

by – behind the scenes at the Elections

The Eagle County Clerk and Recorder needs your help with the upcoming election season.

Starting with Primary Elections in Eagle County – just before June 26th 2012 the election machines that count Ballots need to be tested for accuracy and certified by volunteers from both R’s & D’s political parties.  Registered voters that are classified as “independents” are encouraged to apply as well.  Work will be done at the County Building in Eagle.


Our Clerk  and Recorder – Teak Simonton will pay you.  Yes, our Clerk and Recorders office will pay “the standard election judge rate of” $13.00/hr – however applicants should know that (unlike some of our School District employees – Click Here) you’ll be responsible to pay for your own lunch.

Applicants are needed for certification work in both the Primary Election (June) and for the General Election in November.

Please contact the Eagle County – Clerk and Records office in Eagle (Click Here).  Tell them the ECT sent you!  W  970.328.8728 – Don’t forget to ask super-athlete Teak how her knee is doing!


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