Fishwrap – Confuses local SmartPhone users again

by – the Tech Team at the ECT

4G Smart Phone Service in Vail?  Why does the Fishwrap insist on confusing/misinforming their limited readership?

Allow the ECT unconfused you this week.

3G and 4G are tech terms used to describe (Voice and Data) services used by today’s SmartPhones (Droid phones and iPhones) are examples of popular SmartPhones in use world-wide today.

Somewhat oversimplified 3G vs. 4G represent a different types of Cell/Smart Phone Radio technology – from the Cell Phone tower that provides the Voice and Data service.


Key Point – Your Smartphone must have either a 3G or 4G Integrated circuit “chipset” built into your phone in order to take advantage of the Service provided from either a 3G or 4G capable cell phone tower.  Most phones in use today are 3G capable.

Next Key Point – Apple’s latest iPhone (4S) doesn’t have a 4G chipset in it.  It ships today with a 3G chipset!  The latest model (Samsung – Droid phones) for example do have a 4G chipset.  Apple customers have to wait to purchase an iPhone 5 to get a 4G capable iPhone…

Thirdly – There are no 4G cell phone towers operating for customers in Eagle County today – 7MAY2012.  ECT readers can expect Verizon to have the first operational 4G towers in Eagle County (don’t’ ask the ECT how we know).

3G vs. 4G?  Why do I care?  Smartphone users won’t notice any difference in 3G vs. 4G speeds for VOICE SERVICE, however they will notice a big speed improvement in their Smartphones DATA SERVICE!  Read:  your Smartphone apps, Email, browsing to the Internet will run much faster with 4G DATA SERVICE!

Advantage AT&T.  If you care…your AT&T Smartphone (true for both 3G & 4G) is “smarter” than every single Verizon smartphone.  Why?  Because AT&T’s Smartphones can do two things at once…example…you can have a voice call talking while you check your email, text or view your weather App…with every single Verizon phone you can only do, ‘one Smartphone thing’ -just talk- at a time.  Yes, every Verizon 4G phone continues to have the same restriction.  Why?  It has to do with AT&T’s (GSM technology) vs. Verizon’s CMDA phone technology.  Yes, GSM is the most dominate cell phone technology in use world-wide today – for the obvious reason above.

Back to Cell Phone Towers.  The tech upgrade from a 3G Tower to a 4G Tower is a big expensive deal.  Consider a (typical?) cell phone tower that services 4 Cell phone companies (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, tMobile).  Each Cell phone company has to upgrade to new 4G Radio and Antenna technology at that single Tower.  If 4G data service is going to be offered from each company, the Tower in most cases will have to have Glass (read: Fiber Optics) trenched into that Tower, from Optic Fiber already installed somewhere near that Tower.  The added data speeds of 4G data service from 4 different cell phone companies operating simultaneously requires Fiber Optic bandwidth to every Cell Tower…Don’t even ask about the additional bandwidth requirements of future (5G).  Fiber Optics run to a Cell Tower is now mandatory for every Tower planning to offer updated voice and data services in the years ahead.

Point is – it’s going to be sometime before 4G service is available in a ubiquitous way all across our Country and Eagle County…regardless of the mis-leading info printed last week in the Fishwrap – and regardless of what Vail’s Town Council believes they have a “say” over as well.

The ECT supports any and all folks working to speed the deployment of 4G technology in Eagle County today.  Huh,  Fishwrap confuses local Smartphone users again? (Click Here) Mr. Miller.


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