City Market weighs in–Well sort of…

by – “I won’t put that in Writing!”

Imagine yourself a reasonable Eagle Voter – trying to make a good (yes/no) decision about approving Eagle River Station v2.0

Now imagine you’re trying to assess City Market (Eagle’s) intent to stay/move in Eagle because you’re concerned about the ~40% of Eagle’s Sales Tax that is generated from that City Market store in Eagle…

Here is what Eagle Valley Enterprise reporter Pam Boyd – offered you last week from her report.  Statements below taken (chronologically – in order first to last) from Ms. Boyd’s report.

Comments below from – City Market representative – Mr. Joel Starbuck


Per Ms. Boyd’s report – Mr. Starbuck continued…


Eagle’s Town Board member Scot Webster then went on to ask Mr. Starbuck this question…


A Reasonable Persons Conclusion:    City Market Eagle has “no intention” of leaving the Town of Eagle…however City Market declines to put that in writing!

HUH?  Is this reporting Hilarious or just Pathetic?  You decide.  For ECT readers concerned that the ECT has taken Ms. Boyd’s report “out of context” (Click Here) to read Ms. Boyd’s report in it’s entirety.

FACT:  As reported earlier in the ECT (Click Here) we still don’t know what City Market Eagle’s future plans are.  Nor do we know what City Market competitor Safeway may or may not be planning in the Eagle/Gypsum Communities.

It is still difficult for a reasonable person to make the ERS decision (yes/no) without all the facts.

Below is the video of City Market’s Joel Starbuck (Assistant Director of Real Estate – for King Soopers and City Market) making his comments in front of the Eagle Town Council from last week – the ECT thought you’d like to know what the man REALLY SAID!


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