From the Street

Can it get much worse in Eagle?  Issues of the day that effect their Community – now reduced to abject “name calling” about each other on their own elected Town Board?

When this elected board caught the ECT’s attention recently – it was newly elected member Brandi Resa – who was documented making public statements about (Eagle’s City Market) that Ms. Resa couldn’t/didn’t/hasn’t been able to back up.

Earlier the ECT called Ms. Resa on that fact (Click Here).

Dumb-N-Dumber-1Soon after that…the ECT learned Emails started flying between Town of Eagle Board members (et al) specifically about each others perceived behavior while at their Public Meetings.  Behavior it turns out – related to each others well established public position/comments on the proposed Eagle River Station v2.0  Recall that voting day in Eagle on this ERS issue is Tuesday, May 22nd 2012.

Name calling between members (via Emails) now on public display (Click Here)

To his credit, elected Eagle Board Member Scott Turnipseed did apologize (via Email) to Ms. Resa for comments that Ms. Resa was obviously never suppose to read.

When will they learn?….that “reply all” button in your EMail program can be a dangerous and embarrassing thing…

Regrettably, Ms. Resa has not acknowledged (at least to the ECT) of her earlier public mistake…ECT hopes Ms. Resa has learned her lesson.

It’s scary to think wondering if these folks are capable of making well reasoned decisions in their Elected capacity – when all we read and hear is just dumb squabbling…between the yes & no folks on ERS…and other elected folks making public statements they can’t back up!


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