Support Eagle County’s–Ski Lodging Community

by – A Tax Increase we all can support!

FACT IS:  Everyone involved in the Ski Lodging Community in Eagle County, Colorado – knows that it is a very competitive market today.

Savvy Ski Vacationers know how to shop online and compare Lodging Rates at one Ski Resort vs. a different Ski Resort as they plan their next family Ski Vacation.

Here’s what you can do to help our local Eagle County, Colorado – Ski Lodging Community!

The next time you’re on Facebook – be sure to visit…”the Aspen Lodging Tax – Referendum 2A”


With no more than a simple Mouse Click you can “Like” the fact that some folks in Aspen – want to make their Aspen Ski Vacations even MORE EXPENSIVE than they already are!!!

Just think of the amount of support and Facebook “Likes” the combined Lodging Communities of Vail, Beaver Creek, Steamboat, Breckenridge, Dillon-Keystone, Telluride and even Glenwood’s, Sunlight Mountain could give these folks in Aspen – working as hard as they can to make Ski Vacationing in Aspen – even more expensive!

Do your part – Eagle County resident.  Get on Facebook now and give your support to:  Vote YES! on Referendum 2A:  Support the proposed new Aspen Lodging Tax  (Click Here) to reach Facebook!


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