ERS? Yes vs. No?–ECT has had about Enough

by – Enough is Enough

7PM, this Tuesday, May 22 can’t get here fast enough for the ECT gang.  ECT knows others in Eagle County’s indigenous populace feel that way too.

The most interesting thing the ECT learned last week – is that by Thursday (17MAY), last week MORE TOTAL VOTES had been cast on the issue of ERS v2.0 – than in the entire Eagle Town Board election last month.

Sorry Brandi.  Seems folks in Eagle are more charged up about voting on “issues” than for any particular candidate.

While the ECT remains neutral on the ERS issue – the ECT will predict that the total votes cast will have a least a (2-1) “total votes cast margin” over their Town Board election from last month.

The election outcome?  Yes vs. No?  Too close to call for the ECT.


Election Tip:  No doubt the official Eagle vote counters are very nice folks – they have never been known for their “speed” at counting votes.  Given that last months Eagle Election results weren’t posted online till ~3AM – and this election will no doubt have approximately twice as many votes to count…the ECT recommends you got to bed and not bother checking online election results till the “dawn’s early light” Wednesday morning.


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