County Commissioner Candidates – New Videos – May 26th 2012

by – Team Video keeping you informed

This past week on May 24th 2012 – local Eagle County Commissioner candidates met in Edwards, Colorado to speak about the Campaign issues (including Open Space) and current development.

NOTE:  The local Primary Race election will be held on the last Tuesday in June – June 26th – between Johnie Rosenfeld and Jeff Layman – the winner will move on to the General Election – Tuesday, November 6th 2012.

Here for your Review (in reverse alphabetical order) are Commissioner Candidates – Shayne Mitchel and Jeff Layman.

Shayne Mitchell – doesn’t have a Primary Election for Eagle County Commissioner – Shayne’s name will be on your November 6th 2012 Ballot.  To contact Shayne Mitchell via Shayne’s Facebook page (Click Here)

Jeff Layman – Jeff’s wife Barb – introduces Jeff at the start of Jeff’s video.  To contact Jeff via his Facebook page (Click Here)

ECT Note:  Dispite being invited – the folks from our Daily Fishwrap didn’t bother to show up for this Commissioner Candidate forum.  What?  You were expecting something different from the Fishwrap?  The voters in the photo below know what is going on – now you do too!


5 responses

  1. The ETC perhaps a little bit partisan?? Nowhere do you mention what party is holding this primary. Perhaps the ETC thinks there is only one? 🙂

    • First, thanks for reading the ECT, Hoosier!
      Please feel free to share our web page address with other folks you think might be interested!

      Partisan? So…if you don’t mention (either party) or (you mention both parties) that would be non-partisan? ECT thinks so. ECT chose to mention neither!
      We agree? Mentioning one party (and not the other) would appear to be partisan, yes?
      Interestingly, ECT folks contacted the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office today 29MAY. Yes, there is only ONE primary in Eagle County – the GOP primary on the last Tuesday in June 2012.
      HOWEVER, even though there are ZERO contested races for the EC Democrats – a U.S. Mail ballot WILL STILL BE MAILED to all registered Eagle County democrats!!!! Sort of like voting in Cuba or North Korea if you prefer!

      So remember to point out to any left-wing (ECO-Friendly) democrats you may know….”please consider the enviroment before printing this email…er Ballot!” Well…we can both agree (yes?) the U.S. Postal Service can use the additional (non ECO-friendly) business! An the EC Taxpayer picks up the 1st Class Postage!

  2. I just thought that from a journalistic standpoint, it would be helpful to the reader to include the basic factual detail of what party is holding the primary. I still contend that the absence of that factual bit of information shows a party-centric orientation that the party that happens to be holding the primary is the only party and thus doesn’t need to be identified. 🙂

    • Did you know that while the local GOP is holding a primary election (26JUN2012) for their two County Commissioner candidates…
      Meanwhile (thanks to your Colorado State Legislature) every single registered democrat in Eagle County will be U.S. mailed (first class of course) a democrat “ballot” at about the same time as the GOP Eagle County is U.S. mailed to GOP Primary voters. In fact this happens all over the State of Colorado – the ECT has been told by our Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office…by the way. Holy Landfill!
      Yes, that ‘democrat ballot’ will look like something from (North Korea or if your prefer – Cuba) with only one democrat name (per election race)
      OBTW – ECT did mention who (which party) was holding their Primary Election in Eagle County.
      Perhaps you suggestion (to do it again?) is a good idea!

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