County Commissioners – Endorse "Dumb Energy Program"

by – “It’s for the Kids”  After all they’re the ones facing the Federal Deficit

Let’s go through this together, OK?

If a homeowner wishes to install Solar Panels on their home – terrific!  Write the check.  If you don’t have the money – go see your favorite Private Sector Bank – and apply for your home improvement loan.

What we have instead today in Eagle County – are three County Commissioners happy to increase our Trillion Dollar Federal Deficit – that your children will have to pay back!

Here’s what your financial genius County Commissioners have recently done to your child’s financial future.


ECT Comment:  “$4.9 Million Federal Grant” – read; grows the Federal Deficit by $4.9 Million.  This is completely unnecessary  – see blue paragraph above.

Next we have comments from candidate Adam Palmer – trying to get himself elected (now) to the Holy Cross Board.


ECT Comment:  So Mr. Palmer (ECT didn’t vote for you!) Why do we need to grow our Federal Deficit by $4.9 Million in order for YOU to compete with local Eagle County Private Sector Banks – that create local jobs?  Well, Mr. Palmer, we’re waiting…?

More comments from Joe Rowan (executive director – Energy Smart Partners fund) and Adam Palmer…


ECT Comment:  Mr. Joe Rowan – just exactly when is it ever “smart” to make UNSECURED LOANS?  Oh, that’s right Mr. Rowan, it’s not “your money”!

More from the executive director of the Energy Smart Partners fund…


ECT Comment:  At last the ECT agrees, Mr. Rowan – Private Sector Banks “don’t make unsecured loans”!  Rowan continues:  “We serve a niche that is harder for banks to serve”.   Apparently Mr. Rowan can’t figure out why Banks don’t make unsecured loans.  So if you’re so smart, Mr. Rowan, why are you making unsecured loans with money that is only growing our Federal Deficit?

Conclusion:  For those individuals interested in reading the entire “smart energy” column written by Derek Franz – of the Eagle Valley Enterprise (Click Here)

Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th 2012, can’t arrive too soon for the ECT folks.  It’s time to put our great nation back on firm financial footing – and fire the individuals responsible for this Fiscal Insanity.  Stupid is, as Stupid does….Forest Gump apparently much smarter than any of our current Eagle County Commissioners.


5 responses

  1. The alternative energy agenda being promoted in Washington has created a
    distrust of politicians by funding programs closely linked to special
    interests. Many of these companies have gone bankrupt and left the taxpayer
    holding the tab.
    I believe the alternative energy programs are a good cause if done within
    the free market system. If the source of energy is truly viable, then it
    should create the strong demand within the marketplace and sustain itself.
    Low interest loans with taxpayer money that are not secured are a recipe for
    disaster and will lead to losses to the taxpayer.

    Johnie Rosenfeld – Eagle County Commissioner, Candidate 2012

  2. Our current sitting commissioners are the poster children for fiscal stupidity. Our federal government that makes these irresponsible grants available needs to be fired!
    Federal grants for various purposes are so common that it has become a competition over what programs or agencies get the grants. So much so that there are firms that specialize solely in writing grant requests.
    There is this idea that anything provided by the federal government is free. Quite the opposite is true. All federal grants are funded not only through confiscation of someone else’s money but now through borrowing from China. Our federal government is out of control like drunken sailors with spending money the American Taxpayer doesn’t have.
    Washington is broken and our commissioners are part of the problem not the solution. The BoCC should be focusing only on local public safety and infrastructure as required by state and federal mandates and good old fashioned fiduciary responsibility.
    Join me this November in firing the problems and hiring the solutions!

    Shayne Mitchell – Eagle County Commissioner Candidate – 2012

  3. ” So much so that there are firms that specialize solely in writing grant requests” said Shayne Mitchell – Eagle County Commissioner Candidate – 2012


    Airports for one-
    …refer to Vail Daily;
    * This year, the three groups (Eagle County Airport, Eagle Air Alliance and Vail Resorts) are spending $6,500 to hire Boyd Aviation Inc. to write the grant application for them.

    Each year, the department usually hands out between $10 million and $20 million in grants. The program is called the Small Community Airport Development grant program. Since 2003, the U.S. Department of Transportation has made millions of dollars available.
    (read more)

    And Public Schools also hire grant writers and accept federal grant money – here is our local school districts (partial only) grant money info, just for example.

    “Eagle County Schools awarded $221,000 (federal grant money) for health center”
    EAGLE, Colorado — in competitive federal grants – $2.4 million total in competitive federal grants to school-based health centers in Colorado

    “Eight Eagle County teachers awarded $10K (Federal grant money) bonuses”

    “Vail Valley teachers win $10,000 (Federal Grant) awards”
    Eagle County School district used grant money to reward 11 employees-The district received the grant in 2006 from the U.S. Department of Education.

    Eagle County schools boost spending -for 2008-2009 budget, approved this week by the school board… Eagle County school district plans on spending half a million to a million dollars in 2009 for a grant writer, which by bringing in more money to the school district could end up paying for itself… the school district is increasing its spending — but it can afford to spend more, Onofrio said.

    12 local teachers earned the (Federal Grant) bonus

    “Schools seek grant writer”
    Eagle Co. school district looking to hire someone to find federal, state and private grants

    Teachers received $300,000 in bonuses this month as part of the $6.8 million Teacher Incentive Fund Grant awarded to the school district in 2006- and returned for the 2007/2008 school year.

    The school district is losing some key players in its leadership team this year.
    “Grant writers are key components to any nonprofit organizations – you have to understand the idiosyncrasies of writing grants and know how to work our successes into the writing,” Brendza (Eagle school Superintendent John Brendza ) said.

    The Eagle County school district landed a $6.8 million federal grant –

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