County’s Open Space Purchases – Promises Not Kept Commissioner Stavney

by – Holding the incumbent Commissioner to Account

Photos of Fraud?  From Eagle County’s Open Space Purchases – Promises NOT KEPT!

Many folks including the ECT believe that the County’s Open Space purchases have been mismanaged from the get go.  Your Commissioners have spent Millions.

Objections to these early multi-million dollar so called Open Space purchases (that continue today) included land that County Tax Payers;

– can’t find

– can’t use (because you can’t find it)

– can’t access  (there is no public parking)

The early “cowboy welfare” purchases of both the Gates and Bair Ranches (anybody been there?) serve as prime examples of rampant Government Waste by our Eagle County Commissioners.

To some extent our Commissioners (including the one that wants to get re-elected this November) have listened – just a bit.  Specifically, they refocused their attention to Open Space purchases that Tax Payers (at least some) can actually find.

Exhibit A:  The Edwards neighborhood of Homestead, specifically off Cameron Place.  A purchase was made over the last year for land bordering this Edwards neighborhood – and year ago promises were made by the incumbent Commissioner to include and provide for Public Parking to allow for general access to this “Open Space”.  (Click Here)

So, how good has the incumbent Commissioner Jon Stavney been at keeping his – almost 1 year old promise of public parking to access this Open Space site?

You decide.  To read the complete email (below) from Commissioner Stavney (Click Here)


Public Parking Cameron Place Edwards – July 27th 2011 vs. May 25th 2012


Cameron Lane Open Space has Barbed Wire – but still no Public Parking!

Exhibit B:  A proposed nearly/just completed purchase known as the “Miller Ranch” purchase.  Yes, it’s near the Edwards neighborhood known as Miller Ranch – hence is name.

Here is a look see – at the “extensive” Trail Head Public Parking that Eagle County Property Tax payer can look forward to using.  The yellow sign post you see has a Speed Limit 20MPH sign on it – and it’s location makes using the (third parking space?) rather difficult to access.


Here are a few more photos of the “extensive paved public parking” available at the Miller Ranch Open Space purchase.  Photos from the Trail Head in Edwards.

Why doesn’t this photographic information show up in the printed pages of our Daily Fishwrap newspaper?  Many folks believe this hasn’t been disclosed – because the major proponent of these wasteful Open Space Purchases – is the Eagle Valley Land Trust – the Land Trust buys plenty of paid print advertising in the Fishwrap.

FACTOID:  After 3 1/2 years of serving as an Eagle County Commissioner – Jon Stavney – the ECT can find NO EVIDENCE, Commissioner of any of Commissioners having added (just one) new/additional Public Parking space for ANY of the Millions of Taxpayer Dollars spent on so called “Open Space” purchases.  Does Commissioner Stavney represent the interests of the County’s Taxpayer – or that of “special interests” – the Eagle Valley Land Trust?  You decide, County Taxpayer/Voter!

What can you the ECT reader do about this obvious Taxpayer Abuse?  On Tuesday, November 6th 2012 – you’ll be given the opportunity to vote for Commissioner candidates – that have publicly promised to put the question of the REPEAL of the Open Space Tax on your Ballot – after they’re elected!

More information soon!


4 responses

  1. Why anyone who knows what’s going on with County Open Space would want to re-elected Stavney is beyond me. The County’s Open Space program has been and continues to be a taxpayer rip-off like no other. How long before we get to throw this guy out? His promises mean nothing.

    • Thank you Dave for reading the EagleCountyTimes.Com

      Yes, ECT verified your correction below – and the ECT folks has since made the correction.

      …in some ways…”shame on the ECT” cuz, the ECT relied on Commissioner Stavney’s email…where Commissioner Stavney specifically referenced “Cameron Lane” in Stavney’s EMail, the ECT put online.

      Millions of Taxpayers money thrown around on County Open Space – and the Commissioners don’t even seem to know where it is going…

      Just one more reason why the issue of the REPEAL of the County’s Open Space Tax needs to appear on our Ballot!

      Please share our web page address with folks you believe would be interested.

      -Clayton Moore

      • Print first find the truth later. That is the modern reporters way. Then blame it on someone else. As a so called Journalist (ECT) you have a responsibility to make sure your facts, names, addresses and so forth are accurate. (Even if they come from someone else) This is called research.
        Don’t blame your sources it makes you look bad

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