From the Street

by the Master of State Abbreviations

Alabama vs. Alaska?  Well the boys from Kalib’s Katch, LLC may not know one State’s abbreviation from another – however…


…these same boys know a good Fishwrap when they see one!  The ECT couldn’t agree more.  The most appropriate, best and highest use of a formerly alive tree.  Sustainably cut down no doubt so as to provide work for our County Government employees at the landfill.


Of course “Kaleb’s Komments” above were printed verbatim in the Fishwrap this past weekend…where the ECT would like to congratulate the Fishwrap’s Edit team that also confused/missed the State Abbreviation for Alaska vs. Alabama!

One thing the ECT knows for sure – you won’t “Katch” the nice folks in Eagle working at Moe’s Original BBQ making that same mistake – ROLL TIDE!  as they say at Moe’s…


For the record it’s – AK. for Alaska and AL. or Ala. for Alabama, your choice.  Say…didn’t Forest Gump fish for Shrimp out of Alabama?


Organically Approved?  Whole Foods headed into Frisco


Stanley Cup – News!  This is how they Celebrate!


This past Friday the New Jersey Devil’s beat the New York Rangers (3-2 overtime, in Game 6.  The Devil’s now advance to the Stanley Cup Finals!

ECT asks:  Wonder what it’s like to be the guy at the bottom of this ‘Hockey-Heap’ being (Congratulated?) by his teammates?  One wonders what these guys do when they get upset!


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