Vail Valley Foundation – moves to Fund local Daycare

by the fans of 2015?

The ECT chooses to describe it as “government funded daycare” others refer to it as “early childhood development”.

This summer your friends at the Vail Valley Foundation are helping to fund daycare programs sponsored by our Eagle County Public School District.


Everyone the ECT knows is of course familiar with School Scholarships – what the ECT didn’t know was that the Vail Valley Foundation also offers “Kindergarten Scholarships” as well.  They call it “Success at Six”.


Does the Vail Valley Foundation allow/support/condone “Directed Giving” for their Donors?  ECT doesn’t know and the ECT hopes the Foundation gets back to us with specific information on how prospective Donor’s can direct how their money is spent.


Does anyone know how a local non-profit went from promoting Alpine Ski Racing to offering “Kindergarten Scholarships” please contact the ECT via EMail and let us know!

Perhaps a new moniker for our friends at the Vail Valley Foundation could be:  Taking in your Donations and spending it on “whatever we see fit”.  All things to all People in All Seasons.


One response

  1. I remember reading this…

    (Vail Daily, titled) “Funding push for kids’ programs under way”
    Bright Start (Arn Menconi’s program) already providing health care, child care assistance…

    …at least one organization has declined to contribute. The Vail Recreation District board supports the objectives of Bright Start, but funding their existing children’s’ programs take top priority, said the board in a press release.

    “We’re playing to our strengths. We have lots of opportunities for social and educational growth for children,” said rec district Executive Director Michael Ortiz, naming the agency’s sports leagues and summer camps as a few examples.

    The county has given $700,000 to the program and will match the money raised from community sources.The rest will come from state and federal grants, making the total budget for Bright Start about $1.5 million.

    Read more here:

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