Vail Has Answers! You just need to know Where to ask!

by  been there, done that

The Grand Opening for the new Vail Visitor Information Center (Lionshead) happened Thursday evening, May 31 2012.  Vail aficionados will recognize the new site as the same location that the old Lionshead Subway sandwich shop was in…obviously at street level.

It’s located at the west end of the Vail’s, Lionshead Parking Structure, ground level.  Parking is free this summer in Lionshead so head over and check it out when your schedule allows.

Tech Tip of the Day?  The new Information/Visitor center has free public WiFi, however, they locked it down with a password…The name of the WiFi network is “vailfree” on your Smartphone or iPad.  That’s also the password too!    vailfree    is the WiFi password to plug in you’re there checking them out.

In the ECT’s view, Vail did a nice job with the new Information/Visitor center.  Let the ECT know what you think!



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