County Commissioner Candidates 2012 – Update

by – the ECT prefers real life video over more tedious  ‘letters to the Fishwrap’s Editor’

Dateline:  Wednesday, May 30th 2012

Re:  Eagle County Commissioner Candidate Jeff Layman speaks at an election ‘meet and greet’ held in Singletree (Edwards) last week.

What you need to know:  The GOP Primary Election is scheduled for the last Tuesday in June 2012 (June 26th)   This election decides if Johnie Rosenfeld or his County Commissioner opponent Jeff Layman moves on to the County Commissioner general election this November 2012.  This election ‘meet and greet’ was held at the home of Ralph and Kathy Dockery last week.  Photo (Jeff left – Ralph right)  Click on the photo to enlarge it.


Meanwhile Jeff’s opponent Johnie Rosenfeld was busy working the Minturn Clean Up day last Saturday, June 2nd.  What Johnie’s campaign lacks in photography – Johnie makes up for in personal effort.  Johnie also wanted you to see his new election brochure (Click Here) that was published this last week.

To visit Johnie’s election Facebook page (Click Here)

To visit Jeff’s election Facebook page (Click Here)

Minturn-Red Cliff


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