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by – Medicare, know your options


CAUTION!  “Big Gov’mint” candidates on your Holy Cross Ballot!

Last week the ECT reported another case of Local/Federal Government waste.  (Click Here) – The Gist?  Eagle County Commissioners helped grow our Federal Government Deficit (remember your kids financial future) by $4.9 Million dollars – on what they chose to describe as so called “smart energy”.  All it took was a short paragraph in the ECT last week to prove the opposite was true.  See above [Click Here] for that report.  Be sure to pay attention to the part about Eagle County – handing out “unsecured loans” as part of this Federal Grant.

Now some of the local folks directly responsible for this fiscal nonsense are back trying to move their Budget Busting agenda from Eagle County Government – right into the Board Room at Holy Cross Electric.

If you’re a fan of Bubonic Plague – then these recommended candidates (below) are for you!  As for the ECT – we’ve avoided them on our Ballot, just like the Black Plague – tell your friends – below from last weeks Fishwrap – folks,  Jill Ryan has no clue.


ECT Happy News this Week –   The Eagle County Public School District has an awesome financial Benefactor.  He asked the ECT to withhold his name.

The 135 Students who signed up for the Mandarin Language program – can look forward to another 5 YEAR funding commit – from the Public School Districts private sector Benefactor.  Phil Qualman who works for the District has been managing this highly successful Chinese language program.  Celebrating Time Soon?  ECT looks forward to a fun party at the Benefactor’s residence undergoing remodel on Meadow Drive in Vail.  Say hello to that pretty wife of yours – for the ECT!

Cordillera Litigation Update – Week of May 28th through Friday, June 1st.

Nothing (earth shattering?) happened last week.  Two new Plaintiff filings at the Courthouse, in response/reference to the Defendants (David Wilhelm – et al) motion to Dismiss the lawsuit.  No rulings in reference to this case last week – as far as the ECT knows…(Click Here) and (Click Here) to review the two most recent filings.



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