Free Lunch – Eagle County Public School Style

by – ECT shows you the Truth

Public School Superintendent – Dr. Smyser – won’t tell you.

The Daily Fishwrap – and its ‘Editor Half the Story’ won’t tell you.

Last November your elected Public School Board – wanted to raise your Property Taxes permanently. Eagle County voters said “NO!”  55%-45%.

Now take a look at this….

Consider our otherwise affluent Communitie(s) of  Vail, Beaver Creek, Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch, Cordillera, Singletree, (Highlands in Eagle Ranch?) et al.

Consider:  A (mostly free lunch?) that Taxpayers pay for in our Public School District – in Eagle County, Colorado

Consider:  42.45% of Public School Students in Eagle County – receiving some sort of Taxpayer funded (lunch subsidy?)

ECT’s question:  From above, just exactly where are all these (42.45% poor?) children coming from?

A permanent Property Tax increase for Eagle County’s Public Schools?  How can any reasonable person believe they can pass a Tax Increase on the County’s November Ballot – when almost HALF of the Students in Public School come from (property owning families?) that qualify for free or subsidized lunches?

Please contact the ECT if you know WHY almost half of the Students in Eagle County Public Schools – have qualified for and need a lunch subsidy…


Recently the ECT reported (Click Here) that a private donor agreed to pay for (5 years – a Chinese Language program in Eagle County Public Schools).  Due to Budget cuts the School District has reduced their overall language classes taught by a real teacher (read: not by a computer)….

What you haven’t been told/shown till now – is our Public School District has increased their “Support Service – School Administration” expenses by $918,677.00

These expenses are NOT related to your child’s “in class room” teaching experience.


Here is the proof  direct from the Colorado Department of Education
FY 2012-2013 Fixed With Carry Forward Indirect Cost Rate
This coming year——-Support Service-School Admin $4,894,365 (click here)
Last year, just ended – Support Service-School Admin $3,975,688 (click here)


This coming year——Student Instruction $36,225,939 (click here)
Last year just ended – Student Instruction $38,290,732 (click here)


One response

  1. Okay–just so I understand this….

    Almost one-half of our school students parents cannot afford to buy bread and lunch foods at the grocery store to feed their own child (so they pay $0.00 – ‘Free’ or .40 cents -‘Reduced’ per each school meal) and yet– the’ Yes on 3B’ folks and the school district want(ed) to tax them and us even higher? With what money are they (and us) supposed to pay with then exactly? The “gov.” (Fed and state and county) doesn’t give out private citizen Grants ( represents free money, no pay-backs required) to private citizens for tax-related paying issues…

    2nd comment– where is our local Teachers Assoc on item # 2? Did anyone tell them that while the schools lay off teachers, and reduce the children’s bus routes–our District Administrators are getting a even bigger Slice of the Funding pie for ‘Support’– (Support what? Not Instruction-for ‘Instruction’ means teachers/classrooms/TEACHING- and that is now Reduced Funding right?)

    Thank you ECT– quite interesting and informative reading.

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