From the Street

Chief Karl Bauer – Eagle River Fire Protection District responded to requests from the ECT for more information about the recent Fire in Avon – that destroyed the Chambertin (east) Townhomes…

From Chief Bauer…

“While the report has not yet finished, I can tell you that a joint team of investigators from ERFPD, Avon PD, ECSO and CBI determined that the cause of the fire was accidental. They ruled-out gas grills and BBQ’s as a source of the fire.”


Chief Bauer continued with some excellent Fire Safety tips…

We (ERFPD) always recommend following standard safety practices when using gas grills. The following website from the Consumer Product Safety Commission has some good tips: (Click Here)

Also, most HOA’s have rules governing the use of gas grills and other types of BBQ’s; homeowners and tenants should always check with their HOA or landlord.KarlBaruer-1

Lastly, grills and BBQ’s should be operated at least 10 feet from any combustible material. Always have a functioning fire extinguisher or water source immediately available and never leave a hot grill or BBQ unattended.

Periodically, the ERFPD like to remind the community about fire safety. We’ll be sure to pass along additional messages. Thank you ECT for offering to help get the word out.  The ECT would like to thank Chief Bauer and his team of Fire Fighters for preventing the Avon (Chambertin) Fire from spreading to other structures and hill sides in Avon.


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