EFEC–Educating Eagle County Taxpayers

by “What! You were talking about MY money?”

EFEC is the Education Foundation of Eagle County.  A local non-profit that works to raise private sector money to help benefit our Eagle County Public Schools.EFEC-logo

The ECT greatly prefers Private Sector donations over permanent Property Tax increases when it comes to further funding Public School education in Eagle County.  For most Eagle County Property Taxpayers – our Public School District’s “Mill Levy” is the highest number printed on our annual Property Tax bill.

Background:  According to EFEC’s March 6th 2012 letter (Click Here) EFEC’s fund raising goal was to raise $3.2 Million dollars by June 1st 2012.  EFEC’s letter proudly states this equates to funding for 50 Public School teachers.

Today:  ECT folks contacted EFEC after June 1st to learn if EFEC reached their goal.  To their credit EFEC (Diana Scherr) did respond to the ECT’s written request.


(Click Here) to read the entire response from Ms. Scherr to the ECT’s question.

ECT folks approve of EFEC’s Private Sector fund raising work.

By the Numbers:  Last November 2011 Eagle County Ballot item known as 3B (the proposed permanent Property Tax increase) failed 55%-45%

There was 4,175 “yes” votes for the permanent property increase.

Point is…if every “yes” vote had given $100.00 each to support EFEC’s effort – EFEC would have raised $417,500.00 by June 1st.

Point is…on average…noting the money donated to EFEC so far….and considering a $100.00 donation from each “yes” voter only 33.5% of the “yes” voters have (on average) “ponied up” with $100.00 each of their OWN MONEY to support Eagle County’s Public School Education.  Gee…imagine that.

The ECT believes the actual number of folks donating their own money is way, way less than 33.5% of the 4,175 voters.  The ECT believes most of the money raised due to EFEC’s efforts to date resulted from a very few generous folks indeed.

Conclusion:  The nature of human nature among the “would be tax raisers” is a mentality that obviously thinks in terms of “the other persons money” and “not their own money”.

Consider:  Perhaps the problem was the 3B Ballot Language….gee…suppose it read something like…will you support a permanent property tax increase…and should this Ballot item fail, will you “yes voter” COMMIT to pay $100.00 of your own hard earned money?

One wonders what the margin of defeat would have been for 3B, if “yes” voters were faced/forced into that commitment on their Ballot…


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